*NOTE: this is incomplete as I am missing some notes. When found I will finish updating this entry*

Called in to a meeting with Lavinia, Henry and Violetta are introduced to their new help: a dwarven Priest of Ptah named Ibid and a Xixchil Mage named Xring Ke Kadu. The xixchil was refered through The Seekers (by Hissarmau) and the priest was assigned by his temple.

She then fills them all in on the fact that her parents left a lot of debt, and the magical ring that acts as a key to the family vault is on their ship, the Blue Nixie. Unfortunately the Blue Nixie has been seized by the Harbormaster until four months of docking fees are paid. She says she gave the 1,000pp to his representative, a man named Sollar Vark, but both he and the Harbormaster claim to have never seen the money. She also believes that Vark’s men are up to something, she is not sure what. The main priority is to retrieve the ring and then accompany her to the vault to deal with any traps or guardians. Once she has access to the money she will pay 200gp each and be able to handle the outstanding family debts.

The group discusses possible approaches on the way to the docks. Henry finds a bar and arranges to meet them there after he does some nosing around. He proceeds to alter his appearance and ask one of the dockworkers about finding work. He gets some info about where Harbormaster Keltar Islaran will be and some tips about dealing with the old sourpuss.

After dickering with the Harbormaster they convince him to go with them to the ship and see for himself.