Thus begin the ongoing notes on the campaign. These will be posted a few days after each gaming session. Please feel free to add comments if you feel I missed anything or got anything wrong.

Lemmy Sorpic arrives on Dragon Rock after taking a portal from Sigil to Waterdeep and then a spelljammer to the Tears of Selune. After docking he immediately goes in search of liquor to lubricate his planelag. Not seeing anything to his tastes in Kara-Town or the Red Lantern District he ends up in The Burrows, drinking in a halfling bar. He then bar hops along until he is approached by a catfolk named Hissermau who is fascinated by his purple crystal sword.

Henry receives a letter from Lavinia Vanderboren, an old family friend. She wishes help in finding her brother, who has been accused of murdering their parents. She wants to find and exonerate him. She has reason to believe he is in a hidden pirate base here in the Tears. Henry agrees to hire a few people to help. After he and Violetta meet with her they head towards the taverns to look for potential recruits.

Lemmy gets blotto to the point of nearly passing out. He does, in fact, fall on his face. Hissermau pays the bartender to drag him out and put him in a rickshaw, she then takes him back home. As they are leaving the rickshaw at her place he falls over knocking Violetta and Henry over. Hissermau is left the only one standing.

Idle discussion reveals that Henry is looking for a pilot, Hissermau offers her services. Lemmy, blind drunk, follows along. Agreements are reached and they take Lemmy to Lucille’s House (Henry adds his rent to the expenses).

The next day or two are spent planning (and in Lemmy’s case, drinking). Henry manages to get more info on the pirate base, and the name of it’s founder. (Capt. Haven of the Squidship Good Fortune). Violetta perks up at the name, he was a pirate about 300 years ago who operated here in the Tears of Selune. Spacers tales run wild with stories of his descendants continuing the family business from a hidden base in the Tears, tales of his fabulous lost treasure, and cautionary tales of his wandering ghost. The ghost tales are mostly fabrications she says.

Communiques from Lavinia bring new info saying time is of the essence. A hammership has been put at their disposal as have ten healing potions (cure lt. wds.). Lemmy insists that as hired bodyguard he should get three of them immediatly. After all he is the muscle.

While waiting to ship outLemmy avails himself of both the girls and the bar at Lucille’s, but finding the majority of the clientel “not his sort,” he strikes off to seek someplace a bit earhier. He ends up having a few rounds at a dwarven pub called The Mithril Tankard, all the while trolling for information on his mission. He returns to find things have moved up. Henry, Violetta, and Hissermau are waiting for him. (Henry made a point of sending word to Capt Flynn on the Dauntless to lock up the booze…)

They board the hammership Dauntless, one of Lavinia’s ships, and head out using the mysterious chart she provided.

The group find their plans to infiltrate using the Masked Bard as a centerpiece. (“Hey, we’re having trouble with the helm, but while we’re here how about a show?”) won’t work. The Capt has strict orders that the ship is not to approach the asteroid, nor is it’s crew to go along. They do, however have a small wreckboat with a tactical helm for the party and the secondary helmsman will cast delayed invisibility on the party for their grand entrance.

After a day and a half on the Dauntless they arrive. Hissermau manages to start up in reverse and slams into the main mast before taking off. The sounds of profanity from the crew are heard to the limit of the air envelope.

As they approach the asteroid they note a distinct lack of guards. Hissermau emphasizes that by scraping the wall for 40′ as she enters the min docking tunnel. The noise is extremely loud.

Once inside Lemmy detects a residual psionic trace coming from the tunnel that should lead to the settlement. He also notices that the Masked Bard has psionic abilities and that Henry shows a very strange and static ridden image under the detect psi. They proceed, invisibly, up the corridor.

About halfway down the passage they encounter a lone human walking towards the settlement. Henry tries to grapple him, coming back into visibility as he does so, and fails. As the human tries to run down the hall he is firmly bear hugged by Lemmy who effectively pins him down. When questioned he reveals his name is Jess Furrier, the settlement is named Haven-Fara, and he is just returning. Where he has been and how he got here with no ship in sight he refuses to say. Deciding he will be safer and less problematic where he is they tie him up and stuff his own shirt in his mouth to keep him quiet.

After about 200 yards they enter a large cavern in the asteroid’s center. A huge cluster of psionic crystal hangs in the center of the ceiling shedding light on all below. The majority of the cavern is forested except for what seems to have been a town. The settlement is covered completelty with webs, and several spiders the size of hunting dogs crawl through the upper reaches. There seems to be a large trident like structure at the settlement’s center, also completely covered in the webs.

They return to the unconscious Furrier, untie him and slap him awake. As they walk back towards the settlement they tell him waht they have seen and ask him about it. When told about the settlement being covered in spiders and webs he panic’s and bolts, screaming about how he must “find Patience.” Hissermau easily outdistances him and drops him with a circle kick. “Where are my weapons? I must save my betrothed!” he shouts. Henry decides to walk with him back to the tunnel’s entrance, while the other three recon the town.

Hissermau spots a hole in the webs and they peek in to see a cluster of about fifteen thatched roof buildings. The also see a beached hammership in the settlement’s center, eveidently it has been converted into a building of some sort. The name on the prow reads The Good Fortune. Violetta recalls that there are also legends that his lost treasure is guarded by spiders.

While Violetta and Hissermau stay right outside the hole in the webbing Lemmy ventures in, his purple crystal sword at the ready. As he walks by the first of the huts he smells the distinct odor of rotting and burned flesh. He reaches towards the door to open it…..