Upon landing upon the barren worldlet known as Pladic, they discovered a deserted Illithid Nautiloid surrounded by corpses. Leaving the crew on board to batten down the hatches for the approaching sandstorm, the party entered the Library. Little did they know that the building was possessed by the Tanaari Tlaachna, accidentally released from his binding in the back of a magical tome during the studies of the Head Librarian.

As they searched the premises they discovered various signs of bloody death and torture while also rapidly becoming prey to the side effects of Tlachncha’s haunting. Spinning staircases, mysterious sounds and whispers, and flying cutlery were only the beginning; when they reached the main library they were attacked by a pack of lemur-like demonkin. After fierce battle the tide seemed to be going their way when suddenly the remaining demonkin merged into a 14′ tall monstrosity!

“Eat hot death!!” Bellowed the giff and aimed his starwheel- which promptly backfired and blew up in his hand.

After a heroic battle the home team was victorious. Kaolin and Drake set about securing the immediate area with bless and sanctuary spells, while everyone else bound wounds and geared up for the next engagement. Further investigations found the private parlor (“lookit all the BOOZE!”) and a secret door to the Head Librarian’s tower. Searches of this area caused the party to split up as Ozzy could not fit through the door or stairwell. The upper levels consisted of baths, private quarters, a temple/shrine to Ptah and a secret study containing a very powerful magical tome. Seemingly a means of cross-sphere communications between Seeker’s Libraries it radiated very high order magic.

It was at this time that Tavist was possessed by the Demon.

While Ozzy removed the bar for installation in ships steerage (which had become not only his quarters but also the ship’s pub), the rest of the crew worked out the location of an Iron Jug secreted in the Shrine. As they explored the Library and located the missing shipment of books Tavist’s behaviours aroused suspicion amongst some of the party. A surprise attack using the Iron Jug was eventually able to free him and capture the Demon. Returning to the ship they discovered the crew rather worse for wear. Many were injured, as well as eight dead. The demonkin had attacked repeatedly during the storm.