The room is filled with maps and models of various Spheres, as well as model ships of various sorts which seem to denote EIN and Scro fleets. Rapidly dispatching the bugbear guards, they begin to search the place but are disturbed by four scro captains that arrive moments later.

Drake takes two starwheel bullets in the shoulder, while Gryph engages the scro (and learns a lesson about full plate and momentum). Kaolin tries to dimension door them away, but her spell is disrupted by another scro bullet.

Meanwhile, back in the barracks, the Capt. and rest of the crew monitor through a mindlink. Right as Kaolin’s spell is disrupted there is a loud beating on the door. It’s a drunken Potulus, carrying a keg of ale and two magnums of scro sacramental grog he “liberated.” Ozzy distracts him with drunken feastapault games.

An alarm sounds, and scro reinforcements pour into the Grand Strategy Room. Drake sends back on the mindlink, “I’m opening the Iron Jug!” Coordinating with Kaolin he opens the jug, releasing the Tanar’ri who had possessed Tavist in the Pladic library. They watch it roar forth and merge with the floor of the room just as they fade out.

Bare moments after their return a scro and hobgoblin detail arrives to arrest them. They barricade the door and hide in a rope trick (except Drake who uses magic to meld with the stone wall of the room). Kaolin leaves the space drake skeleton from her bag of holding in the room in their place. After a search of the room the scro depart, leaving a pair of ogre guards in the room. Drake steps out of the wall and immobilizes them with a hypnotic pattern and the party make good their escape

Descending the stairs of the Merc’s Compound they encounter a guard detail with Hobgoblin troops and a War Priest. Drake drops most of them with a well placed color spray while Ozzy drops the War Priest with two well aimed starwheel shots and then they bolt. Once in the main compound they hide behind the waste dump (primarily corpses form shipboard fights). Using the Iron Jug to transport the Captain and Gryph they dimension door to the dragonfly ship.

While checking the ship for guards the Captain sets off a magical alarm in the helm room which goes on for several seconds before Kaolin dispels it. Just as the sound of troops arriving on deck is heard they discover that the helm is dead. Realizing discretion is the better part of valor the priests cast fly spells on Ozzy and Kaolin. Ozzy kicks out one of the “eye,” ports of the dragonfly and they fly out amidst a hail of bullets and crossbow bolts….