As they prepare to disembark, a group of grommish priests approaches, followed by four EIN officers. The priests take possession of Chatka and thank the crew graciously. They tell the party that for bringing the godling home they shall want for nothing while here, food, lodging, etc will be handled by the Temple of Kong. Shore leave shifts are drawn for and pocket money distributed amongst the crew. The void elves introduce themselves as Legeadril and Sarilden and make arrangements to meet later after the crew has rested.

The city is arrayed in three districts- the Temple City on top of the cliff, the Mid City built into and around the trunks of the giant trees just off it’s edge, and Root Town around thier bases. There are numerous mushroom farms and cultivation amongst the roots.

Kaolin decides home cooking is in order and takes the rest out for a real gromm/hadozee feast. Ozzy particularly like the kestab (steak mushrooms) although after getting a mouthful of grubs asks Kaolin for details on each dish before sampling it. He and Kaolin then head up to the mid level of the giant trees and get involved in a game of monkeyball while Drake tries to investigate trading opportunities and The rest relax. After some rest she takes them to the Gromm Market where they shop for starcharts and Drake continues trying to make connections for trading textiles. While there Theridon detects a psionic signature and traces it to an elf in EIN colors. They have a brief mental chat and part ways. After the Gromm Market she takes them to the Hadozee Market where Tavist and Ozzy procure obsidian daggers for each other (matching sets).

As evening approaches Kaolin drags them off to the base of the waterfall in Root Town to see “something beautiful.” They find a large pool at the base of the waterfall with two forty foot tall statues on either side of it, one of an oak tree and one of Kong Rex the Grommish deity. Just before twilight two rays of purest light pierce the canopy above and light the statues with a glowing radiance. Quick thinking by the other party members prevents Dugan from chasing off around the statues with his wand of metal and mineral detection…

That night over another native feast they meet with Legeadril and Sarilden. Legeadril seems much more open and freindly than most void elves and even compliments Ozzy, “I’ve seen you fight on Bral, most impressive!” Discussion runs to the reconassance our heroes have obtained on the scro, culminating in Drake turning over two copies of the Book of Dukagsh to them. The “unique helm,” is also discussed, Theridon agreeing eventually that the EIN can study it. Passage to the Rock of Bral is arranged on an EIN Warbird while their psions take possession of the steamwheeler.

The next day they depart on the EIN Sword of Correllon. About a week into the Flow Drake gets arrested for sneaking about invisible and gets thrown in the brig after a confrontation with an EIN Bladesinger and is kept there for the remaining weeks of travel.