After weeks in The Flow their ship arrives at WinterSpace and opens a portal into the Sphere. Using the planetary locator they chart a course for Armistice. Two weeks of travel without incident bring them to the planet, with Kaolin making unsuccessful scrying attempts throughout the journey. Drawing on her memory of the cave the survivors were in she and Drake prepare teleport and freedom of movement spells.

Leaving Dugan, Tavist and Etsuriko on the ship the remainder of the party teleport to the cave (with the Capt traveling in Drake’s Iron Jug). They arrive in a cave laced with multicolored mineral deposits and a preponderance of odd crystals. Upon searching the area, Drake discovers a corridor hidden behind a cluster of crystals and taking a gentle downwards slope. They follow this to a sheer cliff drop of 200 ft, which they climb down to find a veritable garden. Plant and treelike clusters of the strange crystals abound, and an underground lake recedes into the distance in the caverns dim light.

Following a tunnel at the rear of the chamber they come to a large cavern lined with metal lacing and crystal formations in which they see the survivors. As they enter three large scorpion like creatures made of the same crystal attack. Ozzy smashes one with his hammer, destroying it utterly. As he bellows his battle cry the sound of his voice scales upwards into a high pitched squeak, and one of his fighting nets animates and wraps around his legs.The Capt finds himself suddenly in the forest-like confines of a mindscape, the ethereal visage of a scro before him. The figure makes no move to initiate combat, and the mindscape fades.

“Stop!” bellows a large scro (the one from Kaolin’s scrying earlier when they were cut off), and the attacking crysmals retreat. After a brief faceoff the party are left hanging as the scro, Pargatash, and the Capt. converse mentally.

Ascertaining that the scro does not mean them immediate harm, Kaolin and the others see to the survivors while Ozzy guards Theridon and Drake searches the chamber. Galas approaches Kaolin and voices great concern that they get the Grommish child back to Gaea immediately. Theridon attempts to convince Pargatash to join them on the return trip to SpiralSpace, but once the scro hears of their plan to have Ozzy use potions of flying to ferry the survivors into the upper atmosphere for pickup he declines.

Meanwhile, Kaolin and Drake have noted that the two celestian Priests who were with the survivors seem not to be here. Upon questioning Pargatash they discover that the two had left with Brool, a “dral,” after a discussion that had them very excited. Getting directions from Pargatash, Kaolin and Drake go in search of them.

After descending several hundred feet into the earth they come upon a large irregular chamber, one side of which is filled by part of a huge, ancient ship bearing the now familiar three lobed designs of the Elder Race. Hearing something approach from within they make ready for combat. Appearing in the doorway the figures of one of their crew priests and some strange amorphous humanoid fill the doorway, dragging the body of the other priest between them. Some kind of creature has attached itself to the other priest’s face…

After carrying Minos and the attached Alien back to Pargatash’s main chamber, they discover that it is seemingly immune to detect thoughts/psi/magic. Several attempts to remove it fail (causing it to tighten it’s grip around Minos’ throat almost killing him), until the Capt stabs it with an arrow dipped in spider venom. Once it is paralyzed Ozzy manages to remove it in the process discovering that it bleeds acid, Ozzy sustains some major burns. Paranoid of some sort of infestation or possession, they then proceed to piss Minos of by making him vomit as well as subjecting him to both an enema and a nasal cleansing.

After failing to convince Pargatash to accompany them, the Capt. offers passage off planet to Brool, who immediately accepts. After formulating a plan they make their way up through the caverns to the surface. Just before they reach the cave of their original arrival an earthquake hits. Large sections of the cave roof come crashing down around them injuring most of them, some quite severely.

Drake is blown back by the burst of energy that come from the crushing of his Iron Jug, but takes little harm. As the quake subsides they begin ministering to the survivors and digging people out. Kaolin performs a prayer of mass healing and restores the majority to full health (although they all suffer massive exhaustion from living in 3Gs while here).

Theridon then teleports to the ship with Kaolin, Brool, and the Gromm Child while Ozzy carries the rest of the team and survivors up to near orbit using fly, freedom of action, and invisibility sphere spells and potions. At one point in the trip upwards they are blown and buffeted by an outgoing Ogre Mammoth and he looses most of the passengers. Thanks to some rapid maneuvering and Drake’s assistance he retrieves them and continues on towards the meeting place.

After some tricky maneuvering just above the storm belt The Door manages to get the refugees on board. The Capt. orders immediate retreat and gets Kaolin to chart a course. At Galas’ prompting she pushes for GrommSpace as a destination (he stressed an intense need to return the grommish child to their homeworld). Realising that their knowledge of the situation on Armistace (i.e. the Scro bringing helms to the orcs there after having broken the EIN blockade) makes them a target Kaolin chances a course through the open flow.

As the journey through the mists of the Open Phlo drags on a Command Staff meeting is called. Brool is brought in and questioned. It turns out he is a researcher into the times of the Ancients and, while distracted, is full of information about The Elders (whom he terms The Juna). Upon seeing Drake’s bracers he becomes immensely interested asking ” where is the third one?” He also recognizes the tripartate armor and swords in the meeting room and compliments the crew on their finds. After consideration Theridon offers him a position with House Seven Stars, which he accepts.

After weeks travelling through the mists of the Phlogiston they approach a Sphere. Opening a portal they discover that they have inadvertantly returned to MoragSpace where they infiltrated the Gammaro Base of the Scro. Deciding that discretion is the better part of survival they immediately leave the Sphere and once again brave the open flow….