Just as the away team is appearing, a very irate seeming Gryph suddenly appears in the Barracks, wearing a frilly apron and holding a feather duster. Evidently he was summoned by a high level mage whose hobby is tormenting paladins. Tavist is hugely amused! Once the entire party is reunited a heated debate about rescuing the EIN officer ensues. A recon/rescue attempt is decided upon.

Noticing the marks are written in high elvish, Drake decides to use magic to disguise himself as a Drow. He uses a fly spell to float just above the floor and appearance altering magic to change his looks. Kaolin messes up her fur and tries to look bestial, and the paladin is put on a leash of braided hair that she holds. The God Squad then dimension door to the dragonfly and try to sneak out and make it appear they have just debarked from the Mantis next to it.

There is one dicey moment when they face down Yikart. He pulls a starwheel on them and demands to know where they came from. Drake keeps his cool and manages to bluff him. “I suppose you’ll need to see Altark then?” he says and fills them out a mark allowing them into the scro compound. Narrowly avoiding a War Priest and entourage, they find Altark’s office. Putting on his best evil elf act Drake manages to talk the guards into allowing them to wait in the office while they fetch Altark.

Once left in the office, with two bugbear guards, they cast silence magic and use the ring gate to pass Gryph his sword. The paladin’s great cleave takes them both out and the search begins.

The room is heavily trapped with magic and devices. Kaolin and Drake each get injured several times, but Kaolin neutralized the poisons and Gryph uses his lay on hands ability to heal the damage. After and extensive scan of the room they do manage to find a secret alcove that has twelve scrolls detailing traitors in the EIN. They toss the bugbear bodies down a pit trap they avoided.

Finding another secret door they discover a long narrow passage that lets out in what would seem to be the command center of the base.