After several choice words are traded the Cmdr. receives a hearty bitch slap from Tavist. He then attempts to walk off only to have a dagger whiz by, slicing off a lock of his hair in it’s passage. Simultaneously he feels the prick of steel at the back of his neck. “We still have a matter of honor and a lesson in manners to discuss,” says the elf, ignoring Ozzy’s starwheel which is suddenly in his face. As the crew stands to arms there is a brilliant flash of light from the bow, and all three Man “O War ships begin turning towards the (unarmed) sidewheeler. Magical light glows around their weapons, all loaded and trained on The Steam Wheel XII. The Cmdr. orders all to stand down and agrees to the duel. Seconds are designated (Ozzy for the Cmdr., An Oathpack Haozee named Chewbev for the elven Lord) and plans made to meet the next day in the cargo bay of The Startide Rising.

After conferring with the command crew the Cmdr. decides that diplomacy is the better part of valor and decides to invite Elrohir to dinner planning to use the occasion to apologize. The invitation is acepted. Getting Etsuriko to assist, the Cmdr writes a formal apology while Kaolin decorates a designated area of the deck with the salvaged shou silks. Meanwhile Dugan decides to pester Drake, who has arcane locked himself in his room and refuses to be bothered, simply yelling, “I’m on to something here!” When his knock spell fails, he begins beating on Drake’s door with his battle axe. Kaolin joins him for a few rounds of the “gold song,” which lasts until Drake casts a silence spell on the door and companionway. Dugan starts beating the door with his axe again, but tires of it after a bit. As he is walking off, the door opens slightly and three web spells in rapid succession pin him to the deck.

At the appointed hour, Elrohir arrives with honor guard. Theridon’s apology seems to soften his attitude somewhat, and over the feast that Kaolin summons he becomes almost cheerful. As things proceed on to desert, the party shares with him various info they have found that should interest him. They tell of the derelict warbird they found that was off to GreySpace to warn the Admiralty that the Armistace blockade was broken. They also describe the massive creature they saw above the planet, which receives shocked mutters of ,”Witchlight Marauders,” form both the visiting elf and Ozzy (who had yet to hear the tale).

Finally he agrees to send an escort of three fighters with them to Gaya, “because of your special passenger.” Departure is set for 12 hours away. At the appointed time three smaller ships leave the strange new ship and take up an escort formation around the sidewheeler as they set course for Gaya. Over the week or so it takes them to get there, Kaolin uses her sending spells to contact The Killroy’s Folley. They got the news to Adm. Icarus of the RealmSpace EIN Fleet, and are currently still in that Sphere.

She then contacts K’Thar on The Rock, and gets her first news about the audit. When confronted with this, Tavist spills his guts telling the whole story of the Shou Town escapades of the Cmdr.’s

Over the next several days she contacts K’tel who is busy with the Royal Auditor going over the company’s assets. He fills her in on the 40K fine, and inquires after the state of the Random Access and The Door.

Gaya looms off the port bow, and Chatka points out a landing spot in the foothills of some mountains which overlook a jungle choked ravine. The Cmdr. manages to bring the ship smoothly through the storm belt and bring them in for a landing outside what appears to be a Gromm city.