Vecna’s Library is filled to bursting with exotic and powerful tomes and armaments, evidently trophies from his thousands of years as a tyrant. They rifle through it all searching fo the Sword of Kas, collecting particularly powerful items for themselves as they do so. Kaolin lets out a squeal of joy at finding a Crown of Stars and while the party is distracted by it Dugan slips a copy of the dreaded Necronomicon into his pack. As the others gather items of power for the coming battle, Etsuriko finds a large wooden case containing the Sword they seek. They make their exit and proceed to Vecna’s Throne Room.

As they approach the Throne Room, the Celestians use Divine Power to amp up for the coming conflict, meanwhile Tavist puts on another lesser relic (the pinky finger) giving him two. With Drake entering from above using spider climb, they storm the room. Inside they find a titanic scene awaiting them as Dukagsh, armed with the Eye of Vecna, is locked in mortal combat with the Eye’s original owner.

As the two DemiPowers battle, scro troops and giff mercs look on in wonderment. One of the Giff notices Ozzy and the others enter, and reaches to stay his soldiers from attacking. Ozzy parleys with them, playing on the fact that giff will not fight giff when hired out. He eventually convinces them to step out of the conflict and not interfere.

As they engage the scro troops, Dugan drops behind and launches a Fireball at drake, Etsuriko and Kaolin scorching them badly but not managing to kill anyone. The others bearing relics feel the force of Vecna’s intellect invading their minds and senses. Suddenly Dukagsh drives his sword into Vecna’s heart with a mighty scream of rage, his Eye flickering with greenish flames as he does so. Instead of crumpling Vecna begins to laugh.

Dukagsh’s skin begins to burn as arcs of arcane and divine energies leave his body and flow into Vecna’s empty eye socket. In a matter of moments he is burned to a pile of ash, the Eye of Vecna an obsidian stone on top. As Drake runs for the figures he lashes out with his sword and cuts of Tavist’s hand and the relics upon it.

  • Claim Hand and Eye after Dukagsh is drained
  • Dimensional Rift to Sigil forms, characters are sucked through in Vecna’s wake. Much of their swag, and Tavists hand, disappear in transit
  • Arrive 3 weeks after Vecna did.
  • An Audience with The Lady of Pain
  • Dugan provides alibi for evil acts while mentally praying constantly to Vecna.
  • Meet Ronnasic of Sigil (this would make a great story!)