Upon entering the sphere several things become obvious immediately. The primary is on the outermost orbital track and is flat, light emanating from the inner surface only. The other tracks are filled with asteroid belts, there are no earth bodies larger than Type B. You could easily conceal several fleets in here…

On day two the Scro Mantis Elven Blood approaches from behind a nearby asteroid. Once the boarding party assured themselves of the charter’s authenticity they escort the Long Arrow to Gammaro Base.

The base itself is massive, built in the corpse of a dead Gammaroid. The dock inside of it’s mouth, next to two other ships, and report to a corpulent Scro named Ykart. He informs them of the rules, their billeting in the Merc’s compound,and assigns them a mark of passage to traverse the base to their quarters. Their appointment with the Chamberlin, when they will be offered their contract, is set for four days hence.


  • Obey the orders of all Scro
  • Bow to a War Priest before speaking
  • Don’t enter areas marked with a Black Fist or a Red Skull
  • Don’t make maps or records of anything without express permission by a Scro
  • Weapon’s are allowed, fighting is not.
  • No spellcasting or use of magical items

Third offense usually merits death or prolonged imprisonment

The Merc’s compound is composed of 8 floors and currently is host to a motley assortment of pirates and rogues of all races. Our heroes find a space on the least occupied of the human dominated floors.

Shortly after getting settled, a giff comes running down the corridor and says, “five gold each if you’ll hide me!!” Being both greedy and curious, they throw him into the room. Ozzy then sets off down the corridor to create a diversion. Moments later they meet the Chief War Priest, Morkitar, who arrives with troops and covered in food. He takes an instant dislike to our heroes and lets them know it.

Once questioned, the giff turns out to be atypical in outlook as well as a bit of a prankster. He had been trying out his new “feastapault,” (a model siege engine that can hurl fruits and rolls about 30′ across a banquet room) and got carried away. Needless to say, he and Ozzy hit it off very well. He tells them that there are about 10,000 mercenaries currently billetted here, a floor full of giff, a floor full of scalykind, two more floors of humans and demihumans (mostly pirate crews) and the first floor, in which something deadly lurks…

The next day they awake to find Gryph gone and Drake has appeared in the room. After much surprise they begin to recon the area. Ozzy and the crew go up to the Giff floor of the barracks for breakfast, but Between Ozzy’s flamboyance and having Potulus with them their reception is cool at best. Rand, Tavist and Kaolin see a humanlike figure suddenly change into a large insectile killing machine that takes out six ogres in the span of about 18 seconds. It then transforms back into human form and departs down the corridors of the first floor.

Rand forges a sight link with a scro War Priest he sees heading through the compound and deeper into the base. He sees numerous tunnels and a compound the size of the Merc’s Compound, but it is lined with caves and populated with ogres. Hundreds of them at the very least!

A raid on the harbormaster’s office is made late that night. Rand, Tavist and Kaolin dimension door to the Dragonfly (from just inside the main mess hall they are just in range). Kaolin stays on the ship, while the boys, invisible, make a run for the office. They manage to steal a number of the Marks used for passage within the base, some filled out and some blank ones. Just as they are preparing to leave they hear commotion at the dock. A scro Captain is lowering the a severely beaten Elven commander over the side of his Mantis to a waiting group of guards. They carry him away into the scro compound as the boys return to the ship and dimension door back to the compound.