Staying on their best behavior, the party enters the city Delon Estin-Oti. They secure lodgings and begin making arrangements to rent use of a smithy so Dugan can forge tuning forks for Kaolin to use to get them home. Finding an agreeable smith, he and Theridon rent the facilities and begin working on that and on a Ring of Change Self. Ozzy, meanwhile starts showing signs of being (gasp!) disciplined and obsessed with orders and procedure.

With The Capt. occupied assisting Dugan, everyone else decided it was time for some R&R. While Tavist and Kaolin went wine shopping, Ozzy accompanied Drake outside the city walls.

Drake set up his easel while the Giff began a rigorous regime of calisthenics. Suddenly there appeared a pinpoint of actinic blue light, rapidly expanding and making a warbling distorted wailing noise. As the boys watched it blossomed into a full fledged portal, dumping a rumpled and slightly singed wizardly looking fellow at their feet.

Introducing himself as The Rev, the figure began questioning them as to what Plane of Existence they were on. He seemed visibly dismayed to find himself on Mechanus. “Bet the parties here are terrific,” he quipped sarcastically.

The Rev goes on into a series of fractured commentary, the gist of which reveals him to be a wizard and a recently ordained priest of Celestian. At one point he casts a Read Thoughts spell on Ozzy, which Drake recognizes instantly. “Think about puppies!” He yells, distracting the Giff. The Rev immediately apologizes and assures them he comes in friendship. Suggesting luncheon he asks them to show him a little of the city.

The Capt and Drake, having tired of gryph’s general prescience, trap him in the Iron Jug to be rid of him for awhile.

The Rev is greeted with amusement by the crew, his priestly credentials and chaotically amusing nature serving him well with Kaolin in particular. The next morning they Plane Shift to the Helm Room of the Octopus (still in orbit with the EIN Armada Constellation and the Greyspace fleet.)

Drake uses magic to create two backup duplicates of each piece of Scro reconnaissance while Kaolin sends a message to Admiral Thorn in Tavist’s name letting him know they have proof of traitors within the EIN.

An Elven flitter arrives hours later bearing Admiral Thorn and an escort of Bladesingers who fly across using gadabouts. After adjourning to the meeting room our heroes fill him in (to his increasing discomfiture). Once the tale is told, he instructs them to stay on the Octopus and await reinforcements. The admiral’s party leaves in a state of extreme agitation.

Two hours later a pair of Emerald Class Warbirds, The Free Wind’s Fury and the I, arrive and take up positions to port and starbord of the Octopus. Supplies and wines are shipped over.

Four days later the party members are summoned to testify at an EIN military tribunal. Their evidence helps convict the traitors (who are disowned by their race, along with their families, and put to slow death.) During the process they discover that the insect creature on Gammaro Base was a bionoid. Bionoids were developed as biological weapons during the last Unhuman War. The elves know the whereabouts of all the bionoid clans except for one, the Blue Cottage Clan. It is suspected that they have turned against their creators, the elves, for reasons unknown.

After the tribunal the party are given instructions to keep this information to themselves. They are assured a reward is forthcoming and sent back to Bral under escort. During the return trip the Rev is lost in a space surfing accident in Spiral Space.