Day Four: Foot Races

  • Krath makes it to the second round
  • Anak makes it to the third round
  • Winner- Illutriel Atreus, heir in exile of Spiral
  • Ozzy and Kaolin decide they need dancing lessons before the Ball
  • Ozzy is found by Post Capt.Wilhelmina. He ditches her, she chases him down and tells him how rude he is.
  • Tavist hangs out at Drake’s Gallery opening. Picks up on a rumor that Kruz Kanonwerks has been commissioned by the crown to make a bombard for the Giff as payment for policing during the Olympiad
  • Merrydin Sandyfoot stops by the Gallery and buys an inked portrait of a Battledolphin.
  • Finn begins camping out in the Box at the Arena

Day Five: Bardic

  • Balthasar Thames, Guildmaster of the Planewalker’s Guild arrives with two assistants (one assimar, one tiefling) and the Tuirian Chorus who are here to compete.{Considered the masterwork of the half-Elven bard Domatha, the Tuirian chorus has toured many Planes. Consisting of a full dozen singers, this choir has members from a variety of races. While the core members of the group are a quintet of Elven bards, Domatha’s direction weaves in the voices of a pair of harpies, a young silver dragon, a trio of lillend and half-fiend Dwarf whose demonic parent was a succubus. The experience is one of unearthly beauty and transcendence.}
  • Bang, the Tinker Gnome Bard puts on an enthusiastic show
  • The Spawn seem to be doing alright until Dib suddenly loses his ability to carry a tune (Natural 1) He blames it on his contract of Napthas with House Seven Stars interfering with his playing.
  • Ld. Baleron Silvertongue and Deepsong the Kindori Bard do a duet that leaves the audience weeping.
  • The Tuiran Chorus provides Baleron and Deepsong’s only serious competition
  • Winner- Ld Baleron Silvertongue and Deepsong The Kindori
  • Finn and Tavist take Ld Thames to Drake’s Gallery, The Edge and Large Luigi’s