A quick assessment tells our heroes that they are just about out of spells and options. Deciding that temporary refuge is the best option Gryph pulls out his Daern’s Instant Fortress and activates it. Once the adamantine tower has manifested they enter and batten down the hatches. Dugan, Drake and Kaolin immediately start studying and praying while the rest dig in for a siege.

The Black Man O War hangs in the sky above them while a troop of Ogres, Hobgoblins and Scro approach from the vicinity of one of the external weapons emplacements. Suddenly a guttural chanting is heard from outside, circling round their redoubt. After five or six seconds of this a wave of chilling violet energy slams through the tower, injuring almost everyone. Dugan and Drake maintain their concentration, but Kaolin does not. She has, however, become inspired by Celestian.She realizes that she now has access to even greater magics, as the secretes of certain prayers seem to be revealing themselves to her.

As Kaolin resumes prayer, an arcane fireball strikes the side of the building. No one sustains great injury, and the spellcasters do not lose their focus. Meanwhile, Ozzy has noticed figures dropping slowly to the surface from the Man O War, two light skinned man sized figures. Ozzy begins laying down alchemists fire in a ring around the tower in an effort to stop the War Priest outside while Dugan throws a fireball at the approaching figures. Just as the figures are closing in one one side, with the ogres and scro on the other Kaolin snaps out of her prayers, screeching joyously.

She stops, scratches her head for a moment and then breaks out in an unnerving hadozee grin. “I’ve got it! Celestian has inspired me with a prayer to transport us across planes. To perform the rite I need a tuning fork of a certain metal and pitch for the plane I want to take us to.” She grins even larger. “I just so happen to have a tuning fork of silver tuned to A sharp which I use for my Music of the Spheres rite. An A sharp, silver tuning fork will take us too…..”She scratches her head again, “Mechanus.” The Capt looks up with a gleam in his eye and says “Do it”

Kaolin begins the ritual and, with the sound of troops battering the walls, shifts them across the planes to the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus (The Plane of Purest Law). They materialize on the outer edge of a huge gear, the sky around them filled with more of the same. The gears surface is covered with geometrically laid out fields, with a city at the hub.