Dropping to ten feet below the level of the docks, our heroes fly towards the mouth of the gammaroid- straight towards two approaching Mantis ships! Drake creates a magical miasma of poison gases on the dock behind them in the midst of the amassing troops. The scro sharpshooter from the battle in the strategy room arrives and scores hits on both Drake and Kaolin. Kaolin manages to remain aloft, but Gryph loses his grip on her and plummets towards the floor. While the others keep going, Kaolin swings around at top speed and tries to catch him. Her attempt fails. She tries again and misses once more. Pulling a potion of flying out of her belt she throws it down to him and he quaffs it. The potion takes effect and he stops five feet from the floor. Just as he halts there is an explosion behind him, outlining him in bright lights and flames. Needless to say, the kobold work crews flee in terror.

Meanwhile Ozzy and the rest had engaged the incoming ships. With Tavist hanging onto his leg, Drake on his shoulders and Dugan and the Capt being carried by spidersilk ropes; Ozzy draws his flame pistol. Attempting to rearrange the way he is carrying them, Ozzy almost loses his grip on Dugan and the Captain.

Using his flame gun, Ozzy hits the leftmost ship on both the top and bottom decks, setting it alight. Getting Drake to pass him a cartridge, he reloads. The gun jams! Ozzy yanks the cartridge out and slams it towards the floor of the docking bay with all his considerable strength where it explodes (thus backlighting Gryph as his fall is arrested). The Capt. mindblasts the ship on the right effectively clearing it’s decks-except for a lone figure. Morkitar, the scro High War Priest. “Get him!” reverberates throughout everyone’s brains through the mindlink.

Morkitar hits Ozzy with a bolt of violet lightning, but the giff’s innate resistance to magic shields him from most of the effect. He returns fire with his flame gun severely burning the scro, and disrupting his next spell. While trying to put out his flaming robes, Morkitar is hit by a starwheel shot from Tavist. Flying at top speed Ozzy headbutts Morkitar, knocking him cold. Tavist prepares to put the War Priest to the sword, but the body shimmers and disappears from view.

Suddenly there is a whooshing sound as something amorphous rips through the dock and enters the side of the Mantis beneath them. Tlaach’na the tanarr’ri has returned. Dugan hurls a fireball back towards the docks, intent on taking out the sharpshooter. He kills and wounds many, but the sharpshooter survives. The Mantis begins to lurch and sink beneath them.

Taking to the air again while their magic is still in effect, the party fly out of the gammaroid’s mouth and proceed to duck beneath it’s gravity plane flying along the undebelly. The area is rocky looking and ragged. It is covered with undergrowth and brush which must help keep the air envelope fresh. They hunker down about five hundred feet from the mouth and try to hide. Just as Tavist finishes disguising Ozzy as a boulder he looks up to see a black colored elven Man O War exiting the other end of the gammaroid (3,000 feet away). It turns towards them and begins flying directly towards the exhausted group….