Day One: Chariot Races

  • Winner – Conrad Shambrath of Greatspace
  • Drake sketches continually, getting bases for series of paintings, Kaolin watches trying to learn
  • Tavist arranges all of the groups bets through Yakuza runners

Day Two: Boxing

  • Tolluk makes it 11 rounds in and then gets pasted by a Thri Kreen
  • Ozzy lasts 8 rounds before being beaten by a huge lizardfolk called Kisst’Haa (Rex Saurial)
  • Winner- Kisst’Haa of the Lizard Kingdoms
  • Tavist, Ozzy and Kaolin go to Sakhar’s Exotic Mails to buy Kisst’Haa a drink. (Tavist says it is the most likely spot to find both the titanic lizardfolk and appropriate drinks to buys him)
  • While at Sakhar’s Ozzy drops off his captured scro armour to have it refitted, gild the spikes, and re-enamel it to be green rather than red.

Day three: Wrestling

  • Krath loses early on to a Beefolk from the Lizard Kingdoms
  • Monk contestant quivering palms Ozzy during fight, no one notices.
  • Ozzy lasts almost till the end and is beaten by a human pirate named Caine.
  • Winner is Gelephas Garnettfist, a gnome from Feyspace.
  • Tavist loses all of his stake betting today.
  • Finn drafts an invitation to Balthasar Thames, Guildmaster of the Planewalker’s Guild, to join them in their box for the Olympics. He then personally delivers it to their HQ in the Market Ward.
  • Fin and Tavist go out gathering information in the bars and get some rumors of a displeased Yakuza, and also of Trickster Priests among the Olympians