Shadow Planes & Pocket Worlds

Why? Because it’s probably the highest quality content you’ll find for such a low price. This pdf is a stellar example of writing, of crunch-design and fluff-writing and is completely on par with the main book, which ranks imho among the best planar sourcebooks ever penned. My final verdict will thus, of course, be a full 5 stars endzeitgeist seal of approval.


Blogger / Reviewer, RPG Net

This is a product that should spend no time in the shadows or be kept in anyone’s back pocket.

Aaron H.

Blogger / Reviewer, Roleplayers Chronicle

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This 25-page supplement for Dark Roads & Golden Hells provides one exotic plane of horror, plus dozens of wondrous items, scads of planar hazards, and 6 clever afflications, and a section on Gamemastering Infinity.

It includes:

  • Mora, the Children’s Table, a plane of truly disturbing horror
  • 17 magic items from dead man’s eyes to the Egg of Worlds, liquid miracle, and soul lamp
  • 15 new planar hazards including non-Euclidean angles, waters of Acheron, tesseracting terrain and liminal slime, among many others
  • 7 drugs and poisons from amrit to dream spittle, and from Lethean Ale to angel’s tears
  • Three new monstrous NPCs, including Arachne and Cicerone the Upfallen
  • A short-short story of the Plane of Rusty Gears, a mechanical plane with a twist
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