Palace of the Lich Queen

Breathe a little extra life into your Starfinder campaign with Everybody Games’s Pop Culture Catalog series! This high-flavor series specializes in providing both players and GMs with everything they need to feel like they’re playing in a living, breathing world by providing setting-neutral popular culture grounded in Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting that anyone can reference! Each installment of the Pop Culture Catalog tackles a new and exciting topic!

This installment of the Pop Culture Catalog includes: infosphere shows! Acquaint yourselves with new streaming platforms and the fantastic content you’ll find there. Over a dozen infosphere shows are accounted for, including hits like #MutantSchool!, Alluria and the Primordial Princesses, and Pain Game. Also included are detailed rules that allow players to purchase everything from streaming subscriptions to merchandise from their favorite intellectual properties.

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