Palace of the Lich Queen

This is one of the best third party adventures I have seen for Pathfinder.

Mark Knight

Blogger / Reviewer, RPG Knights

You guys did a great job providing a huge variety of scenes. Definitely the flavor of Planescape, or even the recursions of The Strange. And I for one would like to have my own time bathtub.

The variety is great — every encounter is different and interesting in its own right. No way for the PCs to get bored in this one!

Ray Vallese

Editor - Planescape, Numenara, The Strange, Monte Cook Games

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As the final part (3) in a series of epic proportions, the Lich Queen wrap up, which started with Tomb of the Lich Queen and continued with Machine of the Lich Queen, is set to be one of the greatest dungeons ever created and can go right along side anything from the newer generation of dungeons but can find itself compared even to some of the immortal TSR classics

Dungeon Master

Radio Host, Geekline415

For this Savage Realm of Suzerain enjoy an old school, killer dungeon in a fantasy setting that draws heroes from every corner of time and space!

The Lich Queen awaits in her Palace. Your heroes have survived Tomb of the Lich Queen, pushed through Machine of the Lich Queen, and now must face the apocalyptic climax of the Dungeonworlds trilogy! Reality itself twists and roils all around. Prove yourself to the universe, take the final steps!

Become a god…or a corpse!

The cover may be old-school but this 217 page mega-adventure will take your Pathfinder game to Realms far beyond the usual: classic high fantasy, mythological homages, horrific demiplanes, modern-day pulp, post-apocalyptic, and much more!

Inside you’ll find all you need to run this unique setting, all the background information and encounters needed to challenge a party of 18th- 20th level characters including the stats for a wide array of new creatures and traps!