Solidly built, four-armed giants, the Kaylethon resemble nothing so much as hoary skinned rhinoceroses. Powerful, broad, squat and strong the Kaylethon are built – in temperament as well as physique – for the life of warriors and they have a fearsome reputation as such, tempestuous, strong, and unwavering, bound up in a system of honor that can make them quick to turn in anger to defend their reputations and the status of their clans. More surprising, given their status as ‘primitive’ warriors, the Kaylethon have a natural talent for crafts and technology. This is not so much a result of their intelligence, which is notoriously brutish and simplistic, but more down to an innate instinct for mechanism and device, a simple, bone-deep knowledge of how to put things together, to work stone and metal and shape it to create the forms that come to their minds, inspired by the materials they have to hand and their immediate need.

This sourcebook gives you everything you need to use the Kaylethon as NPCs or as PC. Gatekeepers Chronicles: Kaylethon includes:

  • History of the Kaylethon, Personality, Physical Description, Relations, Alignment, Kaylethon Lands, Kaylethon Ships, Religion, Language, and Names
  • Kaylethon Traits and Racial Subtypes
  • Over 20 New Racial Feats including Black Powder Bravado, Engineering Savant, Fast Gunsmith, Responsive Duelist, Warrior of The Tartan
  • Four Racial Archetypes including Kaylethon Bronze Sky Raider, Kaylethon Gunsmith, Kaylethon Gun Scavenger and Kaylethon Pistolero
  • Five Weapon Modifications including Cup-Hitt Rapier, Swept-Hilt Rapier, Case of Rapiers, Cup-Hilt Dagger and Swept-Hilt Dagger
  • Nearly 10 New Firearms and Two Magic Firearm Special Abilities of Lucky and Reliable
  • New Specific Firearm Ammunition and Racial Equipment including Burrowing Bullet,Gunsmith’s Kit and Tracer Bullet
  • New Kaylethon Deities: Kayla the Warrior, Layka the Protector and Kolya the Traitor with Gunsmithing Subdomain
  • A dozen new Racial Magic spells including Blunderbuss Burst, Cutting Flame, Halt Construct, Misfire, Summon Firearm and Wall of Powder
  • Two Psionic Powers: Locate Traps and Maker Reading
  • Nearly 10 Racial Wondrous Items, Cursed Items and Racial Psionic Items includingAmulet of Bullet Protection, Oil of Silence and Rolling Thunder
  • Kaylethon NPCs including Kaylethon Mercenary (CR 5) and Kaylethon Freelancer (CR 9)
  • Kaylethon Iconic Gunsmith: Mok Gunsmith Katarna (3rd & 5th level)
  • New Vehicles: Kaylethon Skyship “Warcry”
  • And much more

Gatekeepers Chronicles: Kaylethon