Machine of the Lich Queen

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For this Savage realm of Suzerain enjoy an old school killer dungeon in a fantasy setting that draws heroes from every corner of time & space.

The Lich Queen has trapped your heroes in her ever-shifting labyrinth.  They’ve survived the Tome of the Lich Queen, but now they enter the machine level – the inner workings of the dungeon.  Left or right, fight or hide, rescue an angel or ally with a demon…make your choices carefully.

Welcome to the meat grinder!

Inside you’ll find all you need to run this unique setting, all the background information and encounters that will challenge any party of Heroic characters, plus the stats for all manner of new NPCs and critters.

Product Contains: A stunning 120 page PDF detailing every evil twist and turn in the dungeon. The book is layered so you can switch off the ink-devouring elements to create a print-friendly version on the fly. Note, this is the Pathfinder version of this book.