Dark Roads and Golden Hells

Dark Roads and Golden Hells is one hell of an achievement… or perhaps eleven of them. Every chapter offers a world of ideas, every paragraph a vision. Open this to any page, and see if it doesn’t draw you in. Open Design has created a dazzlingly worthy successor to the Planescape legacy.

Colin McComb

Creative Lead, Torment: Tides of Numenera

This book can enrich any campaign and even if you don’t want to go planar (yet), I guarantee that the content in this book and its ideas can influence any campaign in some kind of positive way. And even the crunch (of which I’m not as big a fan – I can’t see those boring traits anymore…) has its stellar quality, from the cool patronage feats to the excellent spells and incantations, we’re in for fun galore. My final verdict, if my rather lengthy tirade of joy and praise has been no indicator, will be 5 stars seal of approval.


Reviewer, RPG Now

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ENnies 2013 NomineeGrab your copy of Dark Roads and Golden Hells today!

Open Design’s sourcebook of planar adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game delivers a glittering array of new options for GMs who want to take their PCs far from the known lands and into strange realms. This is where Good and Evil battle for souls, the fractal dance of Law and Chaos orders the universe, and the fates weave mortal destinies…

Dark Roads and Golden Hells includes:

  • More than 80 new planes and planar locations including the Loom, the Eleven Hells, and the City of Vultures Beyond
  • 3 new player character races: the Deva, Maxim, and Warplings, with 45 new feats and 41 new traits
  • 18 new spells including Combat Geometry, Ghostlock and Quantum Uncertainty
  • 6 new planar monsters including the fate-eater, rust drake and spinning hag
  • Infinite possibilities!

Pick up your copy of Dark Roads & Golden Hells today, and explore the furthest reaches of new planes!