Sixthday, Desnus 8, 318 AG | Absalom Station

After escaping the infested Edge Station and a fairly uneventful trip through the Drift, the Seventh Star arrives at Absalom Station with a drastically altered ship’s complement. Ash, the lashunta mystic, was seemingly lost to the forces of the reality shifts. The gladiator skittermander Morg was rescued from Edge Station, the only known unaltered survivor. Melisande, the only survivor of the prior mission to Edge Station, an aasimar empath who they rescued from orbit near Edge Station. In addition, just to confuse matters, Iliana the lashunta has been transmuted into an elf by the planar leakage she passed through during their adventures.

As soon as they park in the cloud of ships surrounding Absalom Station they are shuttled to the main station and ushered to the Lorespire Complex under guard. In a secured and warded room, they are debriefed by Historia-7 of the Dataphiles, Fitch of the Wayfinders, and Armet, a bastef. Melisande is reassigned to their crew, and Morg’s contract is moved to being their security. Their new science ship, The Artful Driftdodger, is now complete and having its final shakedown. Since she will now be in charge of multiple ships Capt Krysa is promoted to Commodore.

Historia-7 then informs them that more information has been unearthed about the illithids.  Arment explains that the information in the Mordenkainen Archive comes from before The Gap, as do the illithids. He will be supervising the refit of the engines on the Seventh Star and the Artful Driftdodger to enable them to cross the vibrational barrier between the parallel realities. The two ships will then travel into the alternates in order to assemble the pieces of a weapon that can stop the squids from taking over all the parallels. In the meantime, the Seventh Star will be receiving a refit and weapons upgrades, which will take about four days. After that, they will meet their navigator, a githyanki from a place called Realmspace.  In the meantime, they are instructed to relax. “You’ll need it,” quips Fitch.

While Melisande bar hops through The Eye, the rest go for brunch where they run into eoxian media mogul Zo! who recognizes Krysa. The two chat while drone cameras whiz around them. Zo! gives her a business card and says to get in touch. Meanwhile, Falak 13 grits her teeth until the Capt is done schmoozing and then leads a retreat from the restaurant. The crew indulges in a bacchanalian evening of food, drink, and sexcapades. Melisande hooks up with a drow trader, Falak 13 brings home a couple, and the commodore manages several liaisons over the evening including both Fitch and his brother Ratrod.  Morg, on the other hand, spends her time playing Move! Move! Mayhem! on the ship while Jarimana does research in the Lorespire Complex library.

Ambient news and local rumor mills talk about recent violence in Docking Bay 94 which left one dead (Absalom TV 5 Report: Docking Bay Shootout). An explorer class ship called Sunrise Maiden was brought into orbit as salvage (Absalom TV 5 Report: Return of the Sunrise Maiden). The ship deserted of all detectable life and towing a strange rock from deep within the Drift. Thinking there might be a connection the crew does some digging. They hack the Sunrise Maiden via the local infosphere connection and get access to the last ship’s log. The captain describes salvaging the drift rock and encounters with strange, draining entities that have killed her crew. Jarimana examines the linguistics subroutines and discovers that the rock’s carvings are an ancient dialect of kishalee.

Falak 13 goes looking for word on the street, while Melisande tries to tap her corporate connections. They find connections to both the violence in Docking Bay 94 and the return of the Sunrise Maiden in Astral Extractions, a multicorp currently attempting to get strip mining contracts on Castrovel.

Secondary, Desnus 11, 318 AG | Absalom Station