Wind walking across Penumbra towards the Nautiloid after taking out the Overmind.

Taj determines that despite lack of psionic circuitry she can still talk to ship.

Nautiloid says 5 day turnaround, Bugman says they are just outside spiralspace

Taj examines engines discovers they run on the probability travel principle. It also only still listens to her because she was bonded to the circuitry before.

Tavist examines captured illithid ferroplasm dagger, gives it to Kattar as a trophy

Five days later: Spiralspace

Tavist upset when Tajs staff of tehnomage failes to restore his laser pistol

Discuss invoicing everybody alive for saving the multiverse

Discuss where to spend their well earned vacation

We sould become arms dealers says Taj, Whay asks K, Arms, weapons, -t, I dont know what you poeple do -K, Tavist falls off stool laughing.

Meet with Infernal contraption, the Valis and the Killroy’s Folly

Kaolin messages Andru, rock not moving back to Spiral

Kaolin greater teleports them to Bral, in front of their office.

everyone annoyed when no one knows they saved the universe!

Tavist says go to sigil and find Ronassic, bring senese stone with proof.

Send messages to Sar and Mordenkainen

M shielded, get through to Sar

Taj walks towards Laughing beholder Louie gives them a round and joins  them, Great job guys!

Tavist joins lizardfolk dice game.TAkes their money then buys them drinks with it.

Kaolin gets driunk and goes on about saving the multiverse..

The Bard sings enrapturing the crowd

Mewnwhile Kaolin shouts across the bar, commodore, will you endow me with your fruitiness? Taj yealls, hey boig silver in the corner, this means you,…

Tavist gets louis to pour his strongest into Kaolins drink, gets her instant smaashed, leads her out by single hair shuffle

Stagger back to midtown diggs, Tavist and Illyana go to uptown aprtment while Taj and Kaolin stay at midtown, Kaolin drunk and mauldlin yelling for her kitty

K sits in corner crying in her beer “I aint taking care of the drunk monkey again, monkeys throw poo” says tavist when contacted by Taj

Kaolin ddoors to celestian temple, staggers to Stary Manor and passes out in the mushroom grotto.

Next morning Taj ddoors to office bright and early to be boss underfoot, want s to get paid etc.

Tavist meets meryden Sandyfoot for early AM coffee, then gifftown for lunch, then to office.

Kaolin wakes up hungover surrounded by singing mushrooms,  heals herslf and sits on the front stoop observing the sigilian streets below.

Finally decide to return to the rock, esp since she does not know how she got here. Uses a house [portal to got ot BYtopia for cheese and then planeshifts abck to rocka dn meets others at the offices.

After hearing Kaolins story Taj sends Katar fior more kaave, much more

Tavist gets in a street fight with Giff, then the Shou (Dragon lady off rock) then off to the office

Tavist and Kaolin ddoor to Library after retreiving shou food and khaave for Gerald.

G says they need an audience with head librarian.

Taj at office recieves invit to dinner at andru’s tomorrow night.

Tavist headsa towards the temple to gate to Sigil looking for ronassic

Taj adds a bunch of emeralds to her carapace in anticipation of dinnner. Kaolin gets her fur done in multicolors.

Githyanki embassy at gate, give tavist knife and letter.

Letter has gith glyph allowing free passage and aid.

Tavist goes to planewalker’s guild.Leaves message for Ronassic.Kaolin has her tabbard cleaned.

T back to bral, find out about dinner.


Kaolin continues to look for her cat. Ming.

Go to dinner.

Enter dinding room Andru, cartan, Andru woman, bodyguard. Sar, 4 emtpy chair

Ladies and gentlemen, the surviving members of House 7 Stars.