Greyhawk MantleOpen on the Ancient Nautiloid (Greyspace behind Kule).

Bugman begins to familiarize himself with the illithid ship while the others head for the Captain’s quarters to confer before heading to their bunks to get some rest and recharge their powers. Confusion over the idea of an illithid “heretic” dominates much of the conversation.

Kaolin goes to take advantage of her bath barrel which she has had brought on board.


First thing upon rising Taj casts permanency (Arcane Sight) on herself. In the next room Kaolin casts commune, discovering that the Annulus is needed to defeat the Overmind and that they are not yet prepared for the encounter.  She then casts a divination asking how to get into the Underdark to which she receives the incredibly helpful answer: through caves.

Tavist climbs up to the top of the central shell of the nautiloid and gives his wings a try. As he is flying around the sudden sound of buzzing fills his ears and he turns to see Taj flying towards him.

After breakfast and general spell casting the three, plus Kattar, teleport into Greyhawk. Before doing so Kalin creates a word of recall to bring them back to the Nautiloid. Arriving in the Free City of Greyhawk the group immediately attracts attention. Tavist, now shirtless and bewinged heads rapidly towards the Warehouse with the rest following along.

Grimmirik  “Grim” Dwarrodon, the wizened and grumpy dwarf in charge of Warehouse 23, greets them with the enthusiasm of a chef who has discovered rats in his kitchen. He sends for a tailor and haberdasher to equip Tavist with clothes that will fit now that his wings have sprouted.  With a mutter and a scowl the dwarf details a boy to escort Kaolin and Taj Pach to the the Great Library of Greyhawk. Kaolin defuses the rustling ill will in the crowd by clowning and juggling apples, which she promptly drops on her own head in a fit of unplanned slapstick.

The two Seekers, go to library and purchase research on illithids, leaving word with the scholars to contact them through the Warehouse. Upon returning to the offices they both tip their young guide. Then they have Grim send to the local alchemists for purple dye, Kaolin wants to dye her fur.

After ordering the finest clothes possible and paying a more than generous price for a complete wardrobe to be delivered in a mere two days, Tavist borrows a cloak with which to cover himself and  heads off for the Green Dragon wth Taj. Kaolin, meanwhile, is engaged in an animated if one sided conversation with Grim. After about five minutes Tavist walks back in and pulls her away by her fur, still talking all the while.

The Green Dragon Inn,  located on Blue Boar Street, just off of the Strip, is a little quieter than most of the establishments in the quarter. It has also become a favorite of the Seven Stars (probably because of the propensity for bar fights). Then enter and grab a table, Tavist ordering when Brigit the barmaid comes round. They order dinner and proceed to confer quietly about their situation.

Tavist summons Tolenn the cook to the front to compliment him on the quality of his fare. He seems very confused by Kaolin’s seemingly random sense of humor….

Circulating in the crowd after eating they discreetly put the work out that they are looking for an Underdark guide. While doing so Tavist also puts out feelers for info on the areas near the Vesve Forest to the north. As always with the Empire of Iuz, gossip flows freely. Fairly reliable word says that the Empire has advanced to the Vesve as have the Perrenlands. The usual stories of a “great evil” beneath Castle Greyhawk are accompanied by the curious observation that there has been no word of any member of the Circle of Eight for several weeks now, hardly shocking to him after seeing Mordenkainen defending Liga with them.

Shortly after reassembling at their table a smallish human sits down and introduces himself as Marcus, a Deep-Oerth guide. While unfamiliar with the illithid prison they seek he seems optimistic that he can find the info. They give him the names and such that they have and tell him to contact them through the Warehouse.

Returning to the Nautiloid Kaolin first makes a refuge token and then has Taj’s buglings dye her purple with the dye she got from the alchemist. Being impatient she uses wind wall to dry her hair. Meanwhile Taj scribbles away madly crafting two new scrolls: web and scorching ray.


Taj wakes up and continues the program she began once discovering how to add permanency to a magical effect, namely adding permanent effects to herself. This morning it is detect magic and read magic that she casts.

Kaolin  and Taj Pach arrive at the warehouse offices to find a brutally hung over Tavist making Kavee in his magic tea pot. He seems almost as grim as Grim.

Taj decides that toady is the day to follow Grim around “learning the operation” and preparing questions for her audit of the company. Grim seems thrilled.While the bug pesters their Greyhawk staff Tavist heads outside the city to practice flying. Kaolin tags along.

Taj returns to her scroll making, this time creating one of cone of cold and two scrolls of  mage armor.

The rest of the afternoon is spent waiting for word from any of their various efforts. Keeping with tradition they hit the sleazy bars along the docks while waiting. Kaolin tries out eagle’s splendor and really likes it.


The next morning porters arrive with Tavist’s new clothes. Once dressed and tricked out the group head for the Library to check in. Surprisingly their efforts have netted some new information.

The illithid prison known as the Spiral of Manzessine is an outpost of the illithid city Illkool Rem. It would seem that Albossk is there because he is a cleric, probably of Illsensine. Signs seem good that he/it is not one of the Thoon. (Info mostly obtained from the Green Book of Oriel the Wanderer) The nearest entrance to the Deep-Oerth that is rumored to have access to Illkool Rem is about 800 miles to the northwest, at the lower edge of the Vesve Forest in the area known as Highfolk. Kaolin procures a map of the Flanaess before leaving the Library.

The three return to the warehouse offices to find Marcus sitting in a chair, evidently having made himself comfortable for awhile.

“I’ve found a way. Its going to be expensive!”