As we open Violetta and the Xixchil ghost are standing in the cockpit of an Illithid Boreworm which is sitting, psionically cloaked, on the grounds of Crosswinds Keep. While the unconscious form of Larren occupies what is obviously a lifejammer helm the door at the back of the compartment opens reavealing an illithid. Xring quickly casts protection from evil.

The illithid lets loose with a mind blast which dissipates Xring’s ectoplasmic form. Violetta manages to resist and just barely remain conscious. The mind flayer then retreats further into the Boreworm. As it passes Larren begins to stir, although weakly. For a moment he feels a wave of sorrow and regret that he has “failed the masters,” but he quickly shakes it off and takes stock of the situation. Realizing that he is manacled to a Lifejammer Larren summons up a sonic energy push and shatters one of his restraints. As he begins to free himself Klasath appears in the doorway, chain in hand and ready for battle. A metal collar with an amber chunk of deep crystal set into it adorns his neck and the Githyanki’s eyes are full of rage.

While Violetta engages the githyanki Larren shatters his own bonds and then the illithid control collar around Klasath’s neck with one energy push after another. Leaning on each other for support the group stagger unsteadily back to the smalljammer. As they arrive Moswen notices the small transparent disc of energy that denotes a scrying focus. She quickly dispells it.

After dispelling the scrying focus Ibid, Klasath, and Lemmy stay aboard the smalljammer with Individual 23, and Endora while the rest of the crew head back to the Boreworm for further investigation.

Once Casimir and the ladies have entered the Illithid ship Klasath, who stayed behind, feels the deck of the smalljammer shift under his feet in exactly the way it does when a spellcaster has assumed the helm. He races to the control room only to see Ibid sitting in the helm, surrounded by corruscating ropes of energy. As the Githyanki enters the dwarven priest looks up, eyes glowing, and utters one word. “Thoon!”

Hoisting his fighting chain Klasath closes with the dwarf and after a few blows wraps the chain around his throat from behind. As he does this the back of the dwarf’s head explodes outwards and a cluster of tentacles bursts from within his cranium and reaches for the Githyanki. Klasath jumps back out of range and brings his chain around in a double strike taking out both the tentacles and the dwarf’s cranium in one blow.

Hissarmau takes the helm, delaying takeoff while the recon team returns from the Breworm ship. Once all are aboard she takes off. In short order the situaton becomes frighteningly clear. The Voidskimmer has no way to pass through the asteroid’s circle of exclusion, and there are two illithid Nautiloids cicling the limited space inside the sphere. She then sets a course circumnavigating the deceased Power’s head,  trying to keep it between her and the nautiloids.

Two almost octopus like constructs begin to follow the ship, Larran identifies them as Stormclouds of Thoon although he lacks details about them other than their link to th Illithids. While able to pull random facts seemingly from the fabric of the universe he does not, t seems, know everything.

As they maneuver so as to peek over the “horizon” of Crosswinds Keep the crew’s blood runs cold as they see a huge portal open inside the Sphere of Exclusion. Roiling madness is the only way to describe what they see on the other side. “Far Realm” breathes Larren. Shifting and changing as they fly, two more Illithid Boreworm ships enter the Sphere.

Klasath, Casimir and Lemmy land on the “head” to do some recon in the now abandoned keep. As they search they find numerous bloodstains, left one can only assume by the prior residents. Casmir does find an Illithid Qualith pen, which he pockets without telling anyone.

In the course of their investigations they find an unhidden trap door behind the bar, opening it up they see a large number of kegs and bottles surrounded by large greenish eggs..