In the morning our heroes decide to climb up crater rim. Part way up Lemmy falls on Hissarmau who then falls on Ibid, all of them landing in a painful heap at the base of the crater.  The rest of the group make it with no problem, especially Xring who seems quite at home with climbing. Eventually they all get to the top of the rim and look down into the mists filling the crater.

While climbing down to investigate Lemmy loses his balance and falls into the msts. Using his body equilibrium power he gains footing on the fog. Viloletta throws down spider silk rope and they all haul Lemmy out. While he is climbing the rolling multiplicity of images in the fog resolve into a single life sized one: a strangely configured Elven Man ‘o War complete with EIN markings. Having his back to the image Lemmy is the only one who does not see it. Lemmy makes another forray into the mist (using a rope this time) and allows himself to sink beneath its surface. As he passes beneath the thickest layer of the fog he finds himself in a strange misty realm where strange faces and images form and dissipate in the surrounding fogbanks. As he racks his brain for knowledge of obscure planes he realizes that this crater is a gate to the Dreamlands.

Lemmy climbs back up and reports his findings to the group. At the news that this is the Dreaming Violetta get everyone to concentrate on the last sage, Thales, in order to summon a vision of his appearance. When she believes  the right face has appeared in the mist she uses her eidetic lock to commit it permanently to memory.

Deciding to climb down into the crater the group begins their descent. All goes well until Violetta falls dragging Lemmy, Hissarmau and Ibid off the crater wall where they all plunge through the mists striaght into the Dreaming

After about an hour of arguing over what course of action is best Casimir activates portal key  taking them just outside of Arabel, the Voidskimmer visible docked in the distance.

Immediately after seeing to the Voidskimmer Casimir uses some of their pay from Redhurst to rent a private dining room at one of the more posh Arabel taverns. As they group confer over round after round of food and drink Casimir discovers from the staff that according to the date the party has lost three and half weeks. “time in the Dreaming is highly variable,” says Lemmy. This does only leave them four days until the Battle of the Tears that Jector told them of. The battle they need to be present for.

While the crew prepares the Voidskimmer for liftoff Violetta takes the gems she found to be appraised. She then splits them amongst the crew.

After battening down the hatches the Voidskimmer takes off with Xring at the Helm. From Toril to Dragon Rock is a trip of mere hours, hours spent searching the sky for signs of scro.

About halfway to their destination, just beyond the atmosphere envelope of Toril, the ship rocks as though it has been hit by siege weapons. As those who have fallen attempt to rise to their feet it happens again. Over the next seven minutes the ship shakes and distorts around them, battering the crew and disorienting the Helmsman. When the shudders stop they find themselves still aboard the Voidskimmer, but the smalljammer seems to have almost doubled in size. Fixtures and fittings are still the correct size and proportion for human sized crew, but the ceiling height and square footage seem to have doubled…