After a pitched battle our heroes defeat the scro shock troops. During the course of the battle Hissarmau debuts a new attack style fusing her monkish unarmed combat abilities with the arcane magic she has been learning (True Strike + Stunning Fist) and takes out a trooper with one blow.

Lemmy identifies his “gift” from the asteroid of Nicolas the Gift Giver to be a  third eye of fiery torment (as the ring in Hyperconscious)

Following the map they had copied in the Redhurst Academy they make their way towards the location of the Oraculous. After a few dozen yards they run across the corpse of an elven female, slashed to ribbons and quite dead. At Lemmy’s urging they stop to give her a proper burial.

When the grave is about halfway dug Hissarmau detects motion at the extreme perimeter. Some of the group hide while some play dead.

As the noise grows closer a figure resolves: female, with leathery wings astride a black stallion that jets flmae from its nostrils. She almost passes from the clearing but at the last moment stops and looks around. Dismounting, she walks towards Violetta and Lemmy who are playing dead near the grave. As she looks over the freshly turned earth she nudges Violetta with her boot. No reaction.

The succubus then begins to cast a spell, traceries of flame following the motions of her fingers as she does so. At this point Casimir fires from his position behind the trees. As she reels from the bullet’s impact Violetta kicks her legs out from under her and pins her down.

As Violetta begins to question the Tanar’ri she fades from view leaving a slowly dispersing mist in her wake.

Our heroes proceed on their journey. After about 30 miles they top a hill only to see a five hundred foot crater where the Oraculous should be. With no cover nearby they camp in the shadow of the 40 fott high crater’s rim….