Day Eleven: Horse Races

  • Gold won by Erica Kithradian, The Sword of Pelor, called Flamehair, wife of Lord Baleron Silvertongue

Day Twelve: Fencing

  • Admiral Marianon Silmara, EIN Ambassador to Bral wins Gold, one of her personal guard wins Silver, and Tavist takes the Bronze.

Day Thirteen : Spellcasting

  • Drake withdraws when he realizes that his “bracers,” disqualify him.

Closing Day: Spelljammer Regatta

  • Drake comes down sick with Chronic Luminescence. He retires to his quarters on Valis to rest and get well.
  • Tavist gathers Sandyfoot’s halflings, Thames and his wives, Lola, and the rest of the Seven Stars together and heads for the ship so they can watch from the front lines.
  • On the way they encounter an EIN officer who knows, and has served with both Tavist and Lola. His name is Redwing and he is a Kargonesti originally from Krynnspace. Since his sphere is cut off from Spelljamming he has gone full career in the EIN as an Arcane Archer. Evidently he taught Lola while serving together. They invite him and his companions along.
  • Kaolin wins the Gold by a narrow margin, there is much rejoicing!
  • Tavist picks up his outfit, and some tips on Bralian high society, from the House of Metege.
  • Tavist, Kaolin, Loal, and Finn stop by the Blue Tavern. Tavist negotiates an evening with Gwynneth, a courtesan popular with the Court and knowledgeable of it’s movers and shakers. She also has a great enthusiasm for “exotic clients.” While he is doing this Kaolin and Lola get their hair, fur and nails done by some of the girls.

The Grand Ball at Castle Skyview

  • Ozzy invites Wilhelmina, Kaolin takes Finn.
  • Gwynneth guide them in proper ettiquette and points out Diadan Cartan (he and his son do NOT get along!!), Arkkan Nobroddukk the Voice of the Dwarves among others
  • Andru speaks with Kaolin and Finn for a few moments. Says he has been wtching House Seven Stars Rise over the years. “We shall talk later…”
  • A bald human approaches Ozzy at the buffet and congratulates him on good work. He makes a reference to the Iron Shadow and evaporates, but not before tossing Ozzy a suspiciously familiar bloodstone ring. Later they identify him as Mordenkainen The Mage, legendary and unpredictable wizard from Greyspace.
  • Finn catches wind of rumors: a turf war in the Great Market between the Red Masks and the Halflings Guilds; a pronounced increase in the illithid population of the Rock; an increase in suspected Tenth Pit slave trading; and comments about House Moune and House Seven Stars as up and coming groups.
  • Party till very late
  • Ozzy allows Wilhelmina to take him home and take advantage of him.
  • Kaolin goes to Tavist’s in the morning and disturbs him while enjoying Gwynneth one last time before she goes home. “Do you want me to walk your friend home??” she asks.
  • Drake is discovered to be missing. They search his apartment, find his door on Valis locked with no answer from within.
  • Portal hop to Sigil, no sign of Drake here either. Spend the night in Stray Manor.