After receiving the last of the supplies and charts, The Door To Excess ships out for GreatSpace on the first leg of it’s journey. Theridon and Tavist spend the next two days on the Rock gathering all the info they can about the mystery man. Attempts to meet with the dragon Lady of Shou Town are put off by the servants (“We’ll see if Gaspar is interested in my offer then,” Theridon loudly proclaims as he stomps off), but they eventually get a description-A sandy haired man wearing pale clothes and a purple cloak. After a brief stop to rescue K’Tel they arrive at Ironpiece.

Driven almost mad by navigating the Tinker Gnome bureaucracy they obtain a meeting with Gen. Gomja, the Giff commanding the Ironpiece CrashBang Fleet. At first stand-offish he is won over by Tavist who not only appreciates Yaneesh, but makes him a batch “just like home.” He tells them of a patrol ship encountering a lone Wasp Ship followed by a Scro Fleet. In the ensuing Battle Of Ironpiece the small ship disappeared while the gnomes held off the scro. The arrival of EIN forces won the day, the scro retreating at maximum speed. They set off to return to the Rock immediately.

Meanwhile, The Door has just sighted the GreatSpace Sphere when they see an armored Hammership (flying GreatSpace Colors) and four galleons (bearing black flags with a grey cutlass) being chased by four scro Mantis Class ships. The Hammership signals “Distress- Assistance Requested”

“Battle Stations!” Kaolin takes The Door into a climb, rolling so that her gravity plane is opposite that of the scro. Dugan and Drake busy themselves casting greater magic weapon and sharpness on the ships ballista bolts, having runners get them to the weapons crews. Ozzy and Marcus take the two high ballista stations and prepare their crews for combat.

The Door engages one Mantis while the Galleons and Hammership take on the rest. Kaolin begins a straffing run, and enchanted ballista bolts chew through the side of the Mantis, including one which must have hit a smokepowder store judging by the force of the resulting explosion.

Ignoring the minor damage they sustained, The Door begins a run at the next closest Mantis. Kaolin and Drake notice the derelict Mantis signalling with lanterns and take steps to capture the Mantis they are pursuing before it can escape.

Kaolin takes up position 1000 ft above the Mantis while Dugan and Drake dimension door into the “head,” of the ship.

Ozzy begins targeting weapons stations on the Mantis and takes out the ballista emplacement in the “head,” just as Drake and Dugan enter the room beneath it. Joint dwarven and Elven cussing ensues…

Battling their way into the Helmroom, Dugan and Drake engage a squad of scro swordsman and crossbowmen. Dugan attempts to dispel the dweomer on the Helm and fails. Using arcane arts and swordsmanship they decimate the scro guards, but discover the War Priest at the helm has a wand of lighting bolts. Dugan takes a bolt to the chest but shugs it off and continues advancing…