While traveling home they decided on a name for their group: The Company of the Seven Stars (representing the six of them and Celestian), each choosing one gem/color from those in Celestian’s holy symbol (leaving the white diamond unclaimed to represent the God of Travels). They also encountered a gigantic whale like being (The Great Dreamer) in the Phlogiston, traveling in a bubble of water 20 miles long. They got out of the way…

Upon their return, the Seven Stars were set to make a presentation on their findings before the Seekers. In the process of doing so Kaolin made the acquaintance of Whitefire, a Seeker doing research on the Elders who sported the Bloodstone ring of their mysterious employers. Surreptitiously he passed a note to Kaolin recommending how to locate the author of the Tome of Everchanging Order.

While investigating the Library of the Spheres for it they discovered a cover up. The LoS had been created by closing down and relocating three major Seeker libraries, and the shipment from the last (on a world named Pladic) never arrived. While Drake and Tavist negotiated with Arnam Shandra, the Head Librarian, over the artifacts and scrolls retrieved from the Elders Outpost, Kaolin and Rand delved deeper into the mystery of the missing books. The entire party was shortly thereafter called into Shandra’s office and told to leave the mystery alone. He hinted at great danger in the Pladic system and rumors of a Celestial Dragon.

Torn between their desire to spearhead a research mission to the Elder Outpost and their need to locate Everchanging Order’s author, they decided to go to Pladic and see what might be there. Preparations to depart were thrown into upheaval by the sudden widespread outbreak of Sorcery. Accepting an invitation from a half elven gem merchant named Tellar, who Tavist and Drake knew from their uptown exploits, they were taken to a meeting with Whitefire at The World Serpent Inn. After frenzied preparation they set out for Pladic. While in the Flow they rescued a “Davey,” a giff named Tolompo who had fallen overboard in a ship to ship engagement mere months before. Ozzy decide to make him a deprogramming project, although the young giff’s respect for authority and mindless obedience seem impervious to his efforts….