Shash’Tuk’s ship, The Revenge (Battle Dolphin) then stopped at the Barre Sinister, where they put the boys off after a few harsh words about fires from the Capt. Meanwhile Kaolin, a Hadozee Priestess of Celestian, and the crew of The Morray (Eelship) were having a few drinks while their Capt. did some discreet business. While she was striking up conversation with the Boys, the Scro her Capt was negotiating with started a brawl by killing her Capt and First Officer. During the ensuing melee she escaped the building with the help of the boys. Knowing that she needed help to run the ship (now owner-less) she and her new found friends (?) took off in the Morray.

During their flight (in a ship of questionable ownership) they stumbled on the asteroid retreat of Duke Sir Dartalon Rix, where some detail of their story upset him to the point of having a heart attack. Shortly after recovering he set off, in a blazing hurry, in a furnace powered Hummingbird ship flying Greatspace colors. As they continued towards God’s Marbles they found an ancient asteroid temple in which they lost the unstable elf in combat.

Summoned by The Sapphire Mage to the Ethereal Plane, they left the Morray tethered to a coin shaped asteroid with a stranded Rock Gnome watching it. They arrived at The Sapphire Mage’s Astral Citadel shortly after a diplomatic party form the City of Chendl (Oerth, Greyspace). The diplomat and entourage were there the reply to the Mage’s offer to purchase the city outright for his mystical experiments. After joining forces with Drake, a priest in the diplomat’s party, they foiled an assassination attempt on The Sapphire Mage and received their instructions for the next phase of the search- The Infinite Stair.

Escorted by the Hound Archon Jazreyel, the group (now including Drake) set off to look for pages of the Tome known to be in the hands of a Planewalker Mage named Oriam Troscalia. Making their way to the Landing of the Planewlker’s Guild they tracked him to an area of the Stair which has recently become dangerous to travel. A Petitioner in raven form named Thorfinn joins the party and teaches the Mages the Ysgardian RuneKeys necessary to make spells work on the Stair in return for assistance in reaching his destination (Bytopia). They reach the “Stair of Desolation,” to find it has been occupied by a Greater Tanaa’ri and it’s minions. After defeating the minions they find the mage they sought on a landing cut off from the Stair and adjoining the Tanaa’ri’s lair. Working in concert they stealthily crept past the Demon and rescued the mage. In return he gladly gave them not only the pages, but some miscellaneous magics and memberships in the Planewalker’s Guild.