While the boys were having fun in Shou Town, the battle in the Flow proceed to get interesting. Kaolin closed on the Mantis and managed to flip it’s gravity plane thowing everybody towards the new floor. In the chaos Drake and Dugan land several plapable hits on the War Priest, who touches his amulet and fades from view.

Drake uses a locate object spell and cannot find the Priest or his amulet. Dugan takes out one of the scro as it rises from the wreckage. As it falls to the floor an iron sphere with a fuse rolls from it’s hand. Drake immedaitely creates several gallons of water right obove it as the gravity plane is reversed again by Kaolin’s maneuvers. The smoke powder bomb and water both strike Drake and knock him unconscious.

As the sound of troops intensifies below, Dugan casts a rope trick, but cannot manage to get the half elf up the rope. Leaving him hanging by the armpits in mid air, the dwarf turns and engages the incoming humanoids. Drake awakens as Dugan is mopping up, and together they secure the helm room and dimension door back to The Door.

Meanwhile, outside, The Door is laying down surpressing fire with it’s double ballistae and deck clearing shot from the catapault while one of the surviving galleons pulls alongside. Several figures fly from the galleon’s deck to The Door’s using elven gadabouts. An older human introduces himself as Rix and asks to see the Capt. He and his escort (two House Shambrath Officers and two Greysword Pirates) are brought to the helm room. After a moments conversation he remembers Kaolin as the hadozee priestess who saved his life during a heart attack on his asteroid retreat in SpiralSpace several years ago.

Rix tells her that he was in the neutral Flow negotiating with The Greysword Pirates, offering them amnesty in return for adding their forces to the House Shambrath regulars. During the meeting they were ambused by “those dratted new scro battlewagons,” and were retreating after many losses when The Door came along.

On deck the away team returns and efforts begin to try to smash the section of the ship containing hte helm off of the main body. During the bombardment the Mantis explodes damaging The Door in the shockwave.

Drake and Dugan go out on a rope and try to search the wreckage as it accumulates on the gravity plane. They see shards of what seems to be the helm, fiercely radiating evocation magics as they dissipate. They also find a few small items including a box with some kind of failing protection magic on it which seems to contain some sort of tome. While Drake sets about translating the tome (which is written in orcish, phonetically spelled out in the common tongue) they set a course for Hecht on the advice of Duke Sir Rix.

They rondez-vous with The Blue Moon, a Shambrath Hammership under the command of Adm. Darval, a wolfish humanoid who seems to be an old friend of Duke Sir Rix.

Drake and Dugan accompany Dartalon Rix and The Door to the Royal Shipyards on Thesalys (the capital planet), while Kaolin and Ozzy take Dartalon up on his offer of hospitality at his Hechtian estates. While Kaolin falls in love with Dart’s personal flyer, a Hummingbird called the Swift Swallow, Ozzy wanders the Kavve and Hops farm that comprises the majority of the estate.

On Thesalys Dugan and Drake get introduced to Bruin Shambrath, the Imperator of GreatSpace (another old friend of Dart’s) and spend their time hobknobbing around the palace when they are not actually engaged in the repairs of their ship.

After two weeks the Turtleship arrives. They take two days of shore leave at the estate, pick up Kaolin and Ozzy, and begin the trip to Thesalys. Once everyone is reunited they have a closed door meeting in orbit. Kaolin reports that her scryings have shown the Random Acess’ crew to be in dire straights on Armistace. Drake reveals that his studies of the partially destroyed tome reveal the scro to be organised, intelligent, and more. In short, much deadlier opponents than previously thought. It also contains pieces of the legend of Dukagsh, the first scro leader and possibly now thier god….

Refit and repairs are accelerated, with Drake and Kaolin taking a direct hand using make whole spells to assist the crews. Dugan sets up a forge on the site and also lends a hand. with repairs. Theridon suprevises the installation of a new dual ballista on the foredeck of Killroy’s Folly.