Ozzy, Tavist and Kaolin find themselves suddenly incarcerated in small stone cells. Ozzy smashes his way out as Tavist narrowly avoids a magical trap pcking the lock on his. They take the tiefling torturer prisoner and rescue both Kaolin and an EIN void elf named Earendil.

Meanwhile the rest engage the stair guardian and defeat it, but not before Etsuriko feels the cold touch of it’s undead claw (lvl drain). A tactical disagreement ensues after which she and Dugan head back to the throne room while Drake forges onwards, deeper into the complex. Dugan sits in the throne and takes a massive jolt of arcane energy. He seems to go insane and attacks Etsuriko in a mindless rage. He manages to hit her once before she lays him flat. She ties him up and heads back towards Drake.

Drake proceeds inward and finds a quiet nook to stop in. He pulls the Ring Gate off Dugan’s belt and uses it to contact the others. Using the Ring Gate for line of sight he then Dimension Doors to the torture chamber. Kaolin casts restoration on Dugan and Etsuriko restoring his sanity (?) and her lost abilities. She also plucks out the eye artifact while he is tied up. A ferocious argument ensues the result of which is the reluctant return of the eye to Dugan. They all take one of the necrotic pills they found in Tovag Barragu, the ones that grant temporary invisibility to undead. Locking the tiefling in a cell the search out a stairwell and ascend.

After going up a floor or two they decide to try one of the doors. The opulent decor of the room surrounds an ivory sarcophogus caved in what Etsuriko recognizes as the style of the Mulan. The Mulan are an ancient and despicable oriental race known for their perversions. Quickly closing the door they continue up six more flights until they reach the top of the stairwell. The single door at the apex is heavily warded and carved with runes and glyphs that the mages recognize as barring the passage of undead. As they debate entering they hear the sound of many footsteps ascending the stairs. Deciding to take the risk, they enter.

The room is filled with blazing light which emanates from a spirit confined within. Conversation reveals it to be the soul of a paladin who died trying to defeat Vecna over four thousand years ago. Drake recalls theoretical writings that refer to “Radiant Spirits,” undead who are infused with positive rather than negative energy, usually the spirits of very powerful good heroes who were slain before completing their life’s work. They agree to release it if the spirit can lead them to the Sword of Kas.

What follows is a trek through the citadel, the searing light of the Radiant destroying all undead encountered on the way. He gets them to the base of the Black Tower and finally fades from existence, his voice echoing,”You will find the Sword on the fourth floor. It is kept in the library……”

Reaching the fourth floor with little incident, the party find a pair of Scro and several dead scro, ogre and giff bodies outside of an obviously warded door. They slay the scro and Kaolin uses Speak with Dead to interrogate one. They find that they are still behind Dukagsh in his raid on the Citadel. Experimentation shows that the Vecna Artifacts will allow those wearing them to enter the room unharmed by the death field. While those without artifacts guard the hall, those bearing them enter Vecna’s Library….