Dugan takes out three Minor Deaths, the mists clear revealing a cobblestone alleyway. As they take stock of their surroundings they are suddenly assaulted by a Scro Triad. During the combat one disappears into thin air, one is slain, and Ozzy knocks the mohawked leader unconscious. As they drag the bodies into the alley four battallions of skelton warriors appear at the intersection, marching their way. The group pulls back into the darkness and hides in the alley until they have passed.

Reviving their new prisoner they question him, finding out that Dukagsh is here and is planning a raid on the black tower that rises above the city skyline. Using the remaining magic of their Wind Walk dweomer they fly to the tower and investigate. It rises higher than they can fly and appears to have no windows. Casting a Rope Trick they hide within to plan and rest.

The next morning they cast fly on Ozzy. They then all hang on and make for the entrance at maximum speed. Rematerializing in front of the huge stone doors Ozzy and Tavist push them open to reveal a huge, five story chamber. Two 35′ tall Skeltons with broadswords measuring at least 18′ flank what Drake identifies as Vecna’s legendary Spider Throne. Ozzy flies rapidly past them and alights on the landing above.

As they prepare to enter the doors at the top of the stairs a skeletal figure in black robes appears, hand outstretched, and asks in a sepulchural voice, “Who is our Master?” As each replies, “Vecna,” the figure allows them to pass. When it comes Drake’s turn he relpies, “We are here to help Vecna.” A wave of magical energy washes over them and Ozzy, Kaolin and Tavist vanish as the figure moves menacingly towards those remaining.