Debate ensues about the disposition of the Drow prisoner. Ozzy and Etsuriko both express serious reservations about the treatment he has received (particularly the Capt’s striking him repeatedly during the interrogations). As the argument begins to boil they hear the cry of, “Sphere off the port bow!”

Setting course for what they hope is GrommSpace, the heroes then begin a search of the ship in response to constant crew grumblings about “bad luck,” and strange accidents. It is triggered by an incident when Cyril is taking over the helm from Dugan and is obviously tripped so he lands against the helm, draining his spells for the day and rendering him useless as a pilot for the next day. After a few hours of searching Kaolin and Etsurko find and pursue a quasit that is loose on the ship. After chasing it out along the tentacles of the ship Drake manages to web it to the ballista platform. While trying to get useful information out of the small demon the ship is suddenly torqued around by unseen forces and is thrown off course.

Heavy damage is sustained during the next several minutes, including destruction of about 25% of the ship’s hull; the snapping of the mainmast, and Tavist (who was driving) suffering a feedback jolt from the helm that sends him into Spelljammer Shock!

The view of the flow receeds and fades leaving an endless vista of slate grey, the outer reaches of which give you vertigo if you stare at them for too long. Surrounding The Door float the wrecks of dozens of spelljamming craft. Once the crew’s injuries are tended to, and Tavist made stable in hope of his regaining consciousness, they discover that the helm is nonfunctional. Exploration of the surrounding hulks for a replacement is rapidly organized.

Ozzy, Etsuriko, and Drake make their way to the nearest wreck(using fly spells), a Tradesman class vessel blazoned The Phlo Trader.In response to a smart ass remark from Drake about safety, Ozzy pushes Drake’s head into the air envelope to test it. As they explore Drake continues to be verbally irate about this.They find the derelict devoid of either charts or treasure, the crew nothing more now than skeletons. No signs of combat are in evidence.

Using more fly spells they then travel to the next nearest ship, a neogi Deathspider named The Huntsman. The ship is stripped, and full of neogi and umber hulk skeletons. Again, the remains seem to show no outward sign of violence. They do find a strange helm, Drake’s arcane sight reveals a twist of necromantic magic to it’s field, a Lifejammer? When departure time is deemed nigh Drake refuses to carry Ozzy or cast a fly spell on him. Etsuriko decides to stay on the Deathspider with him. When Kaolin hears of this on Drake’s return she becomes irate and flies out herself to retrieve them.

The next day Theridon leaves Capt. Hoopaka (from the Random Access) in command and leads to command crew in an expedition to an Elven Man ‘O War seen drifting and seemingly overgrown about 3500 feet away. He mindlinks with the party and with Hoopaka before setting off. A search of the vessel (named Queen Of The Spheres) shows it to be striped of valuables and charts. It is also completely devoid of any remains. Locating the helm room they find the major helm smashed (although there is no damage to the surrounding room). A search of the Captain’s quarters reveals a secret compartment containing the ship’s log.

Next they proceed to a pair of shou dragonships which seem to have crashed through each other. The ram of one has completely passed through the hull of the other .Etsuriko translates the names as The Imperial Court and The Imperial Trader. They are flying the colors of the Shou Emperor’s traders. Using her knowledge of the ship’s layout Etsuriko takes them to the helm room where they find another smashed helm. Heading for the Capt’s quarters she locates the log and begins checking the last few entries and translating them for her companions. The Capt then decides to try his hand at the lock on the of the storeroom doors. Immediately triggering a needle trap he finds himself the subject of Tavist’s ribald mirth as he tries to shake off the poison whose burn is only slowly subsiding. Meanwhile Drake, Ozzy and Kaolin begin climbing across to the other ship’s deck.