Back in Shou Town in the low city of Bral, the recently arrived team of Theridon and Tavist venture into the low city. Theridon wants to make contact with the underworld elements of Shou Town, despite Tavist’s warnings. Taking the jade dragon recovered from the Samurai Duel in the Rockrat months before, Theridon uses one of the change self rings Dugan made to adopt a disguise. With Tavist trailing him he takes it to pawn shops in the Shou Quarter, after the second one he is approached by an older Shou male. “I represent someone who is interested in viewing your wares,” he says and leads the two deeper into Shou Town. Entering a noodle shop they make their way to a hidden back room where he is met by a portly Shou with long moustacios and a thin beard.

When he sticks to his story of ignorance about it’s origins, the Shou charms him and presses for more info. Meanwhile Tavist is screaming at him through the mindlink, “Don’t do it!!” Managing to shake the charm, Theridon freaks and fires his mindblast as the Shou disappears before his eyes. The blast knocks out people as far as the street outside, including Tavist who was trying to be inconspicuous eating noodles in the dining room. Shaking Tavist awake as the customers slowly regain consciousness around them, Theridon carries him from the shop into a crowd of downed people and avid onlookers.

As they head towards Dock Street they are accosted by three figures with dragon tattoos wearing simple robes. An amazing display of weaponless combat ensues as the three monks give the boys a pasting. In mid combat three figures fly down to street level in chains and address the attackers in Shou. After the exchange of a few sentences in this language one of the newcomers blasts one of the attackers with a bolt of eldritch lightning and then chases the others off. When Theridon speaks to one of their benefactors to offer thanks he finds himself suddenly struck in the face hard enough to almost make him black out. “It is for his sake, not yours that we intervened,” says the figure pointing at Tavist. The three Shou then rise into the air and disappear. Needless to say, the boys return to the uptown place to nurse their wounds.

The bad news begins to arrive shortly thereafter………

Finding a dagger stuck into the door of the midtown apartment with a scroll wraped around it, they discover a message in Shou pictograms (which neither one can read). Heading to the LoS, they attempt to find a translator. On the third level Theridon runs into Fong Lu, one of the Seekers Quorum. Respectfully approaching the eccentric Shou, he asks for assistance. Quirking an eybrow Fong Lu holds out his hand for the scroll. As he reads he seems amused. “It seems that you owe a debt of thanks to the Lady Kurishi Otobe. It also says that you need to work on your manners.” The Capt thanks him and promises to keep him appraised of further developments (“For my own amusement,” says Fong Lu). They head to The Laughing Beholder and get Luigi to set them up with a very rare bottle which they deliver to Otobe’s home and leave with a servant and a message of thanks.

Returning to the midtown apartment they find an official looking scroll addressed to Theridon and bearing the seal of Prince Durand. The message informs them of a 40,000 gp fine levied against them for “disturbing the peace during wartime.” Arriving at the Warehouse Offices they discover K’Tel in a fury about the fines. Leaving him an arcane trade bar and Theridon’s magical flute to defray the balance, they get Killroy’s Folly ready to ship out. Theridon takes some time in the Library and digs up info on Armistace. It’s a high grav world with a barren, tundra like environment that is cut off from spelljamming traffic. Evidently during the last Unhuman Wars a treaty was made between Adm. Leafbower of the EIN and an exceptionally talented half orc Fleet Captain. In return for ceasation of hostilities and giving up all their helms the orcs were to be given a planet of their own and left in peace. The Admiralty of the EIN stuck to the letter of the bargain, but put them on the least hospitable planet they could find. Leafbower resigned in a rage after that…

Using a message spell they contact Kaolin and after filling each other in they tell her to wait in GreatSpace while they fly in with reinforcements.As they are waiting to ship out another one arrives bearing the seal of the Exchequer of the court informing them that they are being audited by the Crown, One of the signatures on the document was Ozomata Ku Muwara from the Council of Captains, a leading figure in Shou Town.