The planet Garatoch is a world in a hidden sphere which produces large quantities of rare and magical metals and gems from it’s mines. The only landmass is a 120 mile long island volcano in whose caldera the City of Garatoch nestles. It was here that Tavist, Ozzy and Falkirk met. Tavist had just escaped being taken by the law when the ship he was serving on was confiscated for smuggling. The three of them were press-ganged into duty by a mysterious entity. Assigned a mentally unstable elven witch to assist them they were transported through Limbo by the Githzerai to a portal on The Rock of Bral (SpiralSpace).

Having been given bloodstone signet rings, which they were told would indicate those they could trust, they were sent to find a magical book- The Tome of Ever Changing Order. Identifying A lizardman Privateer named Shash’Tuk by his bloodstone ring, they signed on to investigate a reported Illithid ship that was floating derelict in the outer orbital paths of the sphere. This was the last known location of the Tome.

Upon arriving they discovered not one, but two derelicts. A Nautiloid, and a Neogi Mindspider. While investigating the Nautiloid they found a giant undead guarding the Capt’s quarters and no sign of the tome or the crew. As they were leaving, the unstable elf torched the ship. On the Mindspider they discovered again a deserted craft, except for two phase spiders and a surviving prisoner; a human from Oerth named Rand. Psycho boy torched this on as well on the way out.