“Inventive and hard-working game designer–wrote some of the most engaging material in a Kobold Press release. Open to feedback, and has a powerful knack for strong communication and getting out in front of problems.” – Wolfgang Baur, Kobold Press
    • ENnies 2013 Nominee


ENnie Nomination 2013  for Dark Roads and Golden Hells [Kobold Press]  | Obsidian Portal Campaign of the Year 2011 The Spelljoined | Silver ENnie Award 2007 for Planewalker  | Silver ENnie Award 2005 for Planewalker


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“Dark Roads and Golden Hells is one hell of an achievement… or perhaps eleven of them. Every chapter offers a world of ideas, every paragraph a vision. Open this to any page, and see if it doesn’t draw you in. Open Design has created a dazzlingly worthy successor to the Planescape legacy.” – Colin McComb, Planescape designer