Finish with research, get recommendation on INnn of Dripping Dagger (Waterdeep)

Back to Sigil, to Spiral, to ship. Meet Vedis (now over her headache)

They give 3250 gp to Wilhelmina for ship money, prep to go to Gheldaneth

Come out in Gheldaneth at base of marble wall, 3 plam trees, 2 blocks from Temple of Isis

Ka and Bet (12 ) – given thunderstone and sent to library

A muggging averted

Mree and uncle Tabak

Sapph and Vedis  L and EfUtan head to city hall for papers on Kavilox

Kenari and family visit her father’s grave

Kavilox died 50 yrs ago (magical accident) , was working with the Temple of Isis on something called the Greenhouse.

Ask at Isis about Kavilox, are watched by acoloyte and eyes in painting while waiting.

Meeting with Priestess, Sapp make huge diplo roll and gets her aid. She shows them the Greenhouse Gate. May be 3 days for info.

Abayomi (F) Asim (M) Greet them on entering bast temple, Ef nad Sapp find lodgings 6 blocks away at the Drunken Camel.6gp/night

3 days later they meet Baniti, the priestess, and she tells them: Kavilox came because of papyrus with Sj image in the heiroglyphs Partial translation tells him it will “appear shortly before the God are thrown to earth.”

Can you find anything like this in your archives? I’ll check.

Hit market, Vedis buy lb of cashews (20gp) Amphora of Beer (15gp) bolt of Mulhorrand linen

Same list bought again with company funds.

Gate to sigil, to spiral off to RoB

A day and a half out they see a longship closing stealthily.

Lenata sets up glyphs of warding. Vedis gets Simi to hold a tanglefoot bag and hang from the ceiling with instructions to throw it at strangers.  Sapp plans to flip the ship upside down and fire on them when they get close.