@Pink Nautiloid, Astrid in charge

Larren and Violetta drinking inside, Klasath and Lemmmy on guard outside, Cas and Moswen on Smalljammer in next dock. Xring reapears as Moswen wakes up.

Klasasth re: Xring undead are bad!

Moswen “Great uncle horus” in front of Kl

Kl gets bent, Cas, Xring, and Mos go into PNautiloid

Larre and Violet surprised and shocked.

I’m in De Nile by horus says Xring

Attacked when Xring buzzes Crimson Fleet

Wiz fumbles turns self into toad Cas goes for wand

BAttle with Flying VAnth

Enter the crimson toad

Moswen catches pearl

LArren and moswen slam Vathis around with beam powers

moswen misse VAnthLArran blows VAnthus arm off, then heal check to stabilize

MOswn to Vanthus “We’re square”

Carry Vanthus in The Sack ™

Lemmy carries Vanthus to smalljammer

Moswen to Planeshift out

Klasath IDs the Beastlands Larren IDs wand of polymorph 3 charges left

Moswen moves them to Discworld and then El of Air