In the ruins on Penumbra.

Taj downloads from annulus, vision of Strom Wakeman

They prep and rest after windwalking to the ship.

Tavist gives Illyana a wand of fireball with one chartge, gives Kaolin ring gate

Arise to a heroes feast the next day.

Step out and along with Kattar and Illyana and taj touches a rock, “portal”

Transport to Overmind meet strom and learn of the Engine Comsummate

While Strom goes off to cause chaos the party prep with mutliple castings of mage armor, conceal thoughts.

Kaolin casts find the path.

5 minutes later a huge explosion from the direction away from the Engine

Kaolin leads them through the station until reaching a locked iris door, then phase doors through to the Genesis Subchamber.

K and tavist first see ulitharid at controls, scene of Dark Sun visible through the window. While Ka phase doors in the team Tavist leviutes with his boots and pushes off towards the figure. Shoots him in the back with his laser pistol

T shoots, laser shorts out. Attacks with frost rapier and pierces its side.

Taj gets control of the view adn sees what Illy tells them is the Misfits ship in orbit oveer the Dark Sun.

Leave off in *. Genesis Subchamber