Kaolin free, Tavist fleeing (fear) Taj in tentacles, Kattar + Illyana fighting but free.

Illyana cat break enchantment on Tavist

Taj orb of acid cutting tentaclefreeing herself

Kattar uses painful strike and attacks with forearm blades.

Kaolin Blade Barrier kills eidolon.

Kaolin heals

Examine tumerogenesis tanks, Taj fascinated.

Enter column room with pillar

Activate the shaft (Taj) and fly down.

Enter the nethermost see swarms of illithocytes on floor, fly west through 60 door.

Aracks spirit appears tells of the annulus

Prepare to enter the Narthex

Taj sense links with Kaolin and kattar, casts invisibility sphere and flies into the narthex with Tavist.

Beyond lies a chamber with two huge tanks, one broken and blasted the other still surging with psionic and magical energies.

Tiptoeing in they search. Tavist finds and pockets a cerebrelith claw.

evenutally find the master brain pool with the Unredeemed Beast sleeping within.

Invisibility sphere by Taj begin to circumnavigate pool

Tavist uses conceal thoughts, Taj uses dorje to manifest intellect fortress,

Enter reliquary, Taj walks the pattern and takes the annulus, downloading info

Kaolin slays neothelid with greater arrow of aberration slaying.