The Temple of Ptah, recently notified of Ibid’s incarceration by Casimir, send an emissary with a Candle of Truth to question him. After the prelate determines that all three are innocent the Temple applies pressure and has our heroes released.

Judah Cometson of the Honorable Mages Guild of Dragon Rock advises Violetta and Moswen about the map. Unfortunately he offers little of real use.

After greeting the jailbirds as the exit the Donjon the group falls back to Lavinia’s for food wine and planning. While there Moswen discovers a piece of parchment has been planted in her belt pouch. It is another warning note from the Lotus Dragons. “Cease your inquiries or suffer the consequences.”

Following up on a earlier message, Violetta casts the spell again. Last time Casimir was finally meeting with his mother, maybe by now he would be able to talk. Contact! He can talk alright, evidently his mother has decided that his escapades deserve some time under lock and key. She has had her guards take him into custody at the Manor House she rents in The Golden Hill District of Dragon Rock.

Rallying the troops Violetta storms the manor, cursing Casimir the while. Ibid stays outside and send the guards chasing after a minor image of Casimir running naked past them. Meanwhile the rest battle their way past Gargoyles and house guards they make their way to the dungeon below where they find a note from Casimir’s mother. It basically says that it is futile to pursue him further as he is even now being flown to Selune, the Moon that Dragon Rock follows. There he wil be kept under tight security on the familial estates to learn the error of his ways and repent his poor choice of associates.

They quickly make their way off the grounds and head for Lucilles, with its scry sheilded chambers.