Drunk In the Rockrat
25 Flamerule

Recently returned from their unexpected extraplanar journey a few of the party converse over drinks in the raucous atmosphere of the Rockrat Bar in Lowtown, Bral. Sipping Olde Peculiar and Olde Troll’s Piss they become increasingly loose tongued with interesting results. Ibid spends his time in the local Temple to Ptah praying, while Casimir lies insensate in a barroom chair after a few paltry shots of evil green liquor.

  • Violetta and Hissarmau discuss Lemmy and this “quest for a three year old, wise beyond her years” that he revealed in Sigil, debating his moral stance among other issues. Hissarmau advises application of alcohol to loosen his tongue.
  • Lemmy then turns up, already several drinks ahead, and joins the conversation.
  • Casimir wakes up while they are talking and insults Lemmy (“So why can’t you hit anything?”), then immediately passes out again. Lemmy finds and pays the fattest, ugliest hooker in the place to stay the night with him, “and be sure to still be there when he wakes up.”
  • Hissarmau and Violetta proceed to discuss Lemmy’s mission with him in great detail. They seem reassured by his stated worries and concerns about it, as well as his general stance of hurting none if possible.
  • Violetta reveals her amnesia, and tells a little about the past three years on Dragon Rock. “Not a flash of memory in all that time.” She also expresses her fears that she has an evil seeming aspect, and may once have been evil before losing her memory.
  • Lemmy IDs the metal of Violetta’s rings as Baatorian Greentsteel from the Hells and Solanian Truesteel from the Heavans. He speculates that maybe she was a denizen of the hells ejected for doing something good, but not trusted enough by the good powers to be allowed in the Heavans. Either that or possibly she might be the product of a union between Fiend and Celestial. Either way he seems increasingly convinced that there is something evil in her backround.
  • In the middle of the conversation there is a shooting in the Rockrat, about five tables away. Looks like someone was cheating at Three Dragon Ante. In very short order Grinder, the oversized Ogre bouncer ejected the offender, smashing his starwheel in the process.
  • Lemmy says he thinks Violetta wears masks in public because of an unconscious suspicion that she might be recognized as a criminal or worse. Possibly supressed knowledge from before her memory loss.
  • Xring arrives, drunk on high octane grubs and generally grumpy.
  • Xring, Hissarmau, Lemmy, and Violetta head to the Library of the Spheres to try researching Violetta’s race. After a few hours trawlng through the shelves Lemmy leaves them to it and heads to bed.
  • Maitri: (late arrival) 80 xp
  • Dudley and Stybbie: absent- no xp
  • Molly, Laurie, Alexis: RP/Story Award +400 xp each