14-18th of Flamerule, 1360 DR

shit DM’s Note: This was an evening sent directly from the Abyss. No less than 13 natural ones were rolled by the four players over the course of this single, four hour game. Thirteen Critical Failures. That has to be some kind of record. The Dice Gods must be propitiated….


After collecting Dr. Gryff the valiant band venture through the tunnel in the Black Fly’s root cellar. After about 80′ they come out in the woods above the town. A slightly worn path leads deeper into the forest, supposedly there is a wide vertical shaft that leads to the spider caves in about five miles or so.

As the party trudge through the damp woods Lemmy catches a sound on the wind. A sound of gibbering insanity that clouds his thinking and perception. he draws True Will and strikes at Violetta and misses. As she leaps away he aims another swing at Henry slashing him deeply. The sound becomes audible to everyone, and Violetta hastens to change her tune to a countersong fighting it. As she does so a thick stream of viscous green fluid arcs from the foliage and hits Lemmy in the eyes. Lemmy howls in pain as Hissarmau shouts, “Look out, its a gibbering mouther!”

Hissarmau draws her sai and attacks through the foliage, striking it but doing little damage. The mouther grapples her with its pseudopodia, but fails to engulf her. Lemmy keeps missing with True Will, while Violetta hacks ineffectually at it with her dagger. Henry takes shot at it with his starwheel, misses, and then throws a dagger, which also misses.

The mouther shoots another stream of acid, at Violetta this time, and misses. Henry tries to get in close with his dagger and gets caught by a pseudopod. Hissarmau gets pulled into the beast, thoroughly engulfed. Through its transparent skin you can see her skin and fur being dissolved away in patches and massive bleeding start. Henry tries to let the thing pull him in dagger first, but gets engulfed without doing any damage at all.

Violetta gets caught by a pseudopod while trying to cut her friends out. As she is struggling Lemmy nails it with True Will. His eyes blaze for a moment as he strikes and purple electricity arcs along the crystalline blade. The beast stops gibbering and howls in pain. Henry forces his way out of the creature from within, fades back and slugs a sorely needed healing potion. healing potion ..

Violetta continues to struggle with the creature, not getting absorbed, but not escaping either. Henry returns, looking much healthier, and throws flaming oil onto the beast. It howls again, as when stuck by the psiblade, and burns.

Hissarmau struggles to escape the body of the burning gibbering mouther, and pulls something painfully out of joint in her shoulder. She has become almost to weak to struggle from the blood loss.

Violetta breaks away as the flaming oil finally extinguishes what life remains in the mouther, its body rapidly deliquescing into small blobs of charred black goo.

They administer healing potions all around, and Violetta breaks out a pipe full of halfling’s leaf, blessed she says and possessed of healing properties. The make camp for the night as the thoroughly shaken Dr. Gryll tends their wounds. It is determined that Hissarmau’s state will require at least a tenday of rest, as their is no magic available that can restore her failing constitution. Lemmy takes the first watch.

Returning the way they came the group enters town through the tunnel in the Black Fly’s storeroom. They send Dr. Gryll on his way, telling him he should warn people of the menace they just faced, and perhaps it might not be good for folks to know about the secret tunnel, eh? They begin to cross town when they run into Cap with four goons at his back. “Back so soon?”

Between intimidation and diplomacy our heroes talk their way past Cap and his thugs, mostly due to Violetta’s quick wit. Summoning her inner talent Violetta memorizes the chart for getting to the Haven Fara asteroid and eidetically locks it into her mind. They return to the wreckboat, Violetta using detect magic to locate the portal to their dock before they leave. Taking the helm for the cat lady, Violetta shows natural talent for flying as she gets them back to the Hammership Dauntless.

Upon their return Lemmy carries Hissarmau to her apartment with plans of buying some whiskey and watching over her as she recovers her strength. Violetta and Henry head for Vanderboren Manor.

Norman the butler ushers then into the central courtyard where food is being brought out for them. Lavinia Vanderboren steps into the garden just in time to be narrowly missed by a flying ball of quails eggs thrown at Henry by the bard. She take the grim new that her brother may indeed be the assassin stoically, as she does the evidence of the exploding box that was supposed to be sent to her. A box that is almost identical to the one that killed their parents.

She says to take a few days off to rest and recoup while she awaits couriers that should have info needed to decide the next course of action. She pays the invoice Henry produces without hesitation and says she will be in touch about further duties and expanded pay. She also lets them know that she has retained the services of another local adventuring band, The Jade Ravens, to handle security here at the Manor in case of further threats and is also recruiting some more firepower to help our heroes. In the course of the discussion she reveals that Vanthus had a lover named Brissa Santos (a noble name Henry recognizes) who disappeared from Dragon Rock about the same time as Vanthus (roughly one month ago).

We close the story as Henry and Violetta enter the spartan Kara-Town apartment of Hissarmau. The cat lady is curled up on a pile of pillows, still looking quite weak, while Lemmy is passed out across the low table at the rooms center. Henry lightly jingles the coin pouch with her pay and she immediately awakes. It s now 9 bells in the evening on the 18th day of Flamerule, 1360 DR.