Our heroes sneak onto the grounds of Vanderboren Manor and stealthily enter the Manor itself. After a few brief melees with bullywug thugs they make their way to Lavinia’s quarters where they find her held captive by a cloaked and hooded figure and an imposing half orc.

The party defeat the pair, the half orc fleeing through town with Xring and Hissarmau in hot pursuit. He manages to lose them after a rooftop chase of many blocks. In the meantime the hooded figure is revealed to be an insectare, a manipulative and rare hybrid of elf and insect reputed to be nearly as evil as the drow.

In the aftermath Lavinia tells them to pursue the escaped pair as their next sotp is the asteroid of the “Gift Giver.” Giving the party a chart and swearing them to secrecy she sends them off in an almost frantic fashion.

Three days later, having followed the seemingly nonsensical directions a moderate sized, snow covered asteroid appears in front of the ship. Ibid takes the Voidskimmer in and lands in front of the only visible structure, a massive chalet with an even more massive warehouse attached.

After entering the chalet the PCs nose around until they are discovered by a tinker gnome who leads them out towards the stables to see “The Boss.” As they proceed the halls transition to white marble and carved ice. Once they reached the stables they find a balding, heavy set human with a huge white beard and twinkling eyes. He introduces himself as Nick and calls each of them by name. He then passes out a small gift to each PC.

Here we stopped for Winter Break. Gaming resumes in Feb after Carnival.