Unhuman War I

4,036 to 4,647 [SJ-TS] The Years of Blight and The First Inhuman War

Technically, this period can be included with the First Inhuman War, but is distinct enough to warrant specific attention. During this period, the various humanoid races begin to travel around the known spheres making their living at raping, pillaging, and looting. Most of the attacks were isolated, but they were consistent enough that any nation with a spelljamming fleet had a standing guard ready to engage them.


[PS] The Planewalker’s Guild is formed in Sigil, established before most of the Factions that survive the Great Upheaval.


[PS] The Fraternity of Order is organized into a Faction.


[SJ-TS] Arrival of new races.- Several new spacefaring races begin to appear. Among them were the Grommam, Hadozee, and Giff. Also at about this time, Krynnish Gnomes begin to travel the known spheres, eager to assist against the humanoids.


[KT] The Way of Enlightenment is introduced to Kozakura (389 DR )


[GW] Duergerth Invaders


[FR] Shoon Empire collapses (c.450 DR) 4178

[SJ] Shurius Shambrath defeats Gerion Firebrand and becomes the ruler of Thesalys and all Greatspace, ushering in that sphere’s “Time of Unity”. The “Time of Unity” continues today under the rule of House Shambrath.


[SJ-TS] Creation of the Batship in a crystal sphere far beyond the Trullian Ring.


[GH] Founding of the Kingdom of Aerdy (-217 CY )


[SJ] The Illithids have an outpost on the asteroid which will become the Rock of Bral.


[GW] The City of Manifest is Rebuilt


[KT] The Zakura Insurrection allows the Honda control of the imperial court in Koazakura. (639 DR)


[PS] The first records of the Revolutionary League are made by Factol Jaretta of the Fraternity of Order.


[GW] The Manifest Accord is Formed


[FR] Myth Drannor falls (714 DR)


[PS] The Great Upheaval -The 49 factions are ordered by the Lady to number no more than 15, and must take up positions in governing the city of Sigil. Within 2 weeks, 34 factions disband, merge, or vacate Sigil. The Sodkillers and Sons of Mercy merge to become the Mercykillers. Free League memberships swells ot almost 1 million registered members.


[FR] Founding of the Harpers (720 DR)

[AQ] Huzuz, City of Delights, is founded on the shore between Suq Bay and the Golden Gulf. The ruined house of the Loregiver stands near this spot. (720 DR)


[DL] Istar installs Kingpriest (280 PC)


[GW] The Dead War


[PS] The Doomguard start a street war while the factions are struggling for direction.


[PS] Members of the swollen Free League ranks begin to simply die.


[FR] Flostren’s Hold renamed Zhentil Keep (753 DR)


[DL] Elves withdraw into isolation (250-100 PC)


[PS] Membership in the Free League dwindles down to 20.000 by a plague that only affected Indeps.


[AQ] Ahmad al-Assad, a young man of the House of Asad, finds the scrolls containing the Law of the Loregiver. He becomes the First Grand Caliph. (775 DR)


[AQ] A young man, Jafar al-Samal, becomes the first sha’ir. (821 DR)


[AQ] The Geomancers ruling over Kadar and Nog are toppled by the farisan of the Enlightened gods (836 DR)


[PS] The Harmonium is founded on the prime world of Ortho. They will eventually come to Sigil and replace the Communals as a true Faction.


[PS] Duke Rowan escapes the Lady of Pain’s Mazes to find himself in the past in the Gatehouse. The Bleak Cabal imprison him as a barmy and rename him Gifad.


[FR] Ascalhorn falls and becomes known as Hellgate Keep. (882 DR)


[DL] Proclamation of Manifest Virtue by King-Priest of Istar (118 PC)


[GH] Foundation of Viceroyalty of Furyondy (100 CY)


[SJ] The sun of Vodonispace goes supernova. Vulkaran establishes himself as Vodoni Emperor.


[FR] Sembia founded/united under the Raven Banner (913 DR)

[SJ-TS] Charter of the Imperial Elven Navy. – Based at Evermeet on Toril, the various elven nations of the known spheres devised a long-range plan for dealing with the humanoids. The various spacefleets of the elves would maintain constant patrols around important worlds, and deal with the humanoids whenever then arrived. This became the basis for the Imperial Elven Navy, which exists to this day. It started out as an highly organized militia force as opposed to a unified navy, however. That would come later.

[SJ-TS] The Battle of Greela.-In response to the increasingly organized humanoid fleets, the elves begin to take the offensive. At first the battles were isolated and short, but very bloody. The first true fleet to fleet battle between the Imperial Elven Navy and the humanoids was in Greyspace, near Greela, an elven stronghold. The Battle of Greela is considered the start of the First Inhuman War by most historians, even though the conflict had been in progress for over a century by the time the battle took place. Within two years of Greela, humanoid and elf fleet to fleet battles, and battles between ground troops became very common in most of the known spheres.


[FR] Battle of Thazalhar; Red Wizards secure their independence from Mulhorand (922 DR)


[AQ] Proclamation of Equality grants equal rights to all sentient races of Zakhara. (935 DR)


[PS] The Demiplane of Dread appears in the Ethereal Plane (Year 351). Zapan joins the Dark Eight taking the council’s Immortal Relations duties.


[PS] The Planewalker’s Guild leaves Sigil and sets up operation on the Infinite Staircase.


[SJ] Battle of Kule in Greyspace. First major event of the First Unhuman War.


[SJ] A small dwarven clan inhabits the astroid which will become the Rock of Bral.


[SJ/TS] Greyspace: The Destruction of Borka- Most of the decisive battles of the First Inhuman War were fought in Greyspace and Realmspace. Borka, in Greyspace, was one of the humanoid’s major command centers, and when the elves couldn’t gather the troops to conquer it, they destroyed it. A temporal planar rift was created below the surface of the planet, which tore in apart. This was the beginning of the end for the humanoids, who were never able to recover from this defeat.


[DL] The Cataclysm (0 PC)


[SJ-TS] First major dealings with the Dohwar- The Dohwar claim to have originated in Herdspace, and shortly after entering space become well known as merchants whose business terms tend to be somewhat shady, and goods questionable.


[SJ] T’Laan born in Realmspace.

[GW] People return to Manifest, Khardon Court formed.


[GH] Kingdom of Furyondy declared with crowning of Thrommel I. Veluna, Perrenland and Tenh follow in declaring independence. (254 CY)


[GW] Yisa-Komas and Piran Sedestadel formed


[SJ-TS] Cult of Ptah forced underground.- The Cult of Ptah, famous for their barge ships, was scattered around the known spheres at about this time, and lost any vestige of the organized group that it once was. Many historians have called the Cult the “Ghost of the Al’Malamut Empire.” For a long time the Cult used to talk about the glory of the old empire, and often promised to rebuild it. If they had any serious plans of doing so, they were crushed due to a combination of in-fighting and external opposition.

Today the cult is becoming a major player again. Since abandoning the Al’Malamut credo (after a revolt in Holy Creche), the cult has been turning its attention to missionary work and scholarship. They may have an ulterior motive, but if they do they have not revealed it yet.


[DL] The Dwarfgate War (39 AC)


[PS] Zaebos takes his place among the Dark Eight in charge of promotion/demotions.


[PS] Orcus curses the city of Moil on the prime world of Ranais to sleep until the sun rises, the rips the city from it world and casts it into the Ethereal to become the City that Waits.


[GW] The Demon Fever Plague


[KT] Two twins, Shin Lu and Shin Gisen, fight over the Shou succession. The nations ends divided as Tu Lung is formed from Shin Ginsen’s provinces (1062-1067 DR)


[SJ/TS] Radolespace: End of the First Inhuman War (Battle of Armistice)-After the destruction of Borka, the elves fought a series of quick campaigns to trap the humanoids on the surfaces of planets. Sadly, they did tear some other planets apart. The last major fleet to fleet battle was above the ice planet of Armistice in Radolespace, which ended in a decisive victory for the elves. In the treaty that followed, the humanoids were forced to the planet’s surface, and their ships destroyed. This event left the elves the dominant race in the known spheres.