The Pre-Classical Age

-100,000 The Pre-Classical Age

This period marks the true beginning of space travel, even though it went in fits and starts, and with several failed attempts. It is known that two races, the Juna and the Illithids, achieved space travel prior to any others, and appear to have made extensive use of the technology. The period is also characterized by two other civilizations, detailed below. It is also during this time that the first confirmed sightings of the Spelljammer occur. Records from this time tend to derive from mythical accounts and from artifacts. The existence of space travel from this time, however, is a confirmed fact.

-100,036 approx

[SJ-TS] The Migration of the Juna- The first space travellers.

-85,000 approx

[PJ] The Illithid Continuum rules most of Wildspace and a vast multiplanar Empire. All other sentient races are enslaved.

-55,036 approx

[SJ-TS] Height of the ancient Reigar civilization. Controlling four spheres they ruled for a thousand years until brought low by a magical plague.


[PS] The greatest mage in all of Sigil, Shekelor, leaves Sigil and begins a quest for the Labrynth Stone that leads to Agathion, third layer of Pandemonium and ends with his death.


[SJ-TS] The Height of the Juna Civilization Known to have teraformed some planets in the Trulian Ring and elsewhere, apparently for colonization.


[SJ-TS] The First Confirmed Sighting of the Spelljammer in human cave paintings on Oerth, dating from this period. Similar artwork exists on several worlds including Spiral in Spiralspace and H’Catha in Realmspace.


[TS] Disappearance of the Juna – At about this date, teraforming of planets by the Juna ends abruptly, and the race vanished within less than a century. This begins an interstellar “Dark Age”, which lasted almost 3000 years.



[PJ] Illithid Continuum is shattered by the Great Uprising led by Gith combined with a massive assault from the Outer Planes. The fall of Penumbra begins The Retreat as Illithids pull back to the Underdarks and their few remaining colony planets. The First Captain splits with the followers of Gith and Zerthimon, pursuing the illithids into the space between the planets of the Prime.

[PS] The Blood War pauses as the powers of the Outer Planes turn to face the Illithid menace. Zerthimon spoke out against Gith’s campaign of genocide for the Mindflayers, plunging the freed humans into civil war. When Zerthimon is killed in the civil war, his followers retreated to Limbo in defeat, becoming the githzerai. Gith led her armies into the Astral plane to become the githyanki, “The Children of Gith”. A wizardress named Vlaakith begins counseling Gith to become allies with Tiamat in Baator. She never returns, but Ephelomon, the red dragon consort of Tiamat, visits the githyanki and claims Gith has placed Vlaakith in command, sealing the pact between the Children of Gith and red dragonkind.


[PS] A portal opens up in the Slags of the Hive and The Blood War spills into Sigil for six weeks.


[SJ-TS] Start of the Nivil Histories -collected and their dates standardized. The histories are still maintained today. The most reliable set can be found in the Great Archive of Compact, on Crescent in Heartspace.