The Modern Age

2,082 The Modern Age

The last three millennia have been bloody by anyone’s standards. With the collapse of the Thri-Kreen empire, the last vestige of the Chiten Empire, a huge power vacuum appeared in the known spheres. Over the next two millennia, several races would ply for control, and the baton would be passed several times. All of the contenders planned to run an empire as large and as strong as the Syllix or the Thri-Kreen, but of these contenders only the elves have even come close.

[SJ-TS] Destruction of the Oortlings- The Illithids, now firmly in control of the known spheres, made it a practice of stamping out any potential opposition to their rule. It is possible, in fact likely, that some of the Oortlings escaped the slaughter, considering their extensive travels. In Realmspace however, the Oortlings are a pathetic shadow of what they once were, barley being able to think for themselves.


[DL] Thorbardin founded (2600 PC)


[FR] Mulhorand and Unther expand (-1500 DR)


[DL] Empire of Ergoth Dominent (2500-2200 PC)


[SJ-TS] Defeat of the Illithids- The last major Illithid fleet was defeated by the Beholders at Toralikis (Toril). This event, combined with a freakish disease that destroyed Illithid brain pools, made the Beholders the dominant race in space. Ironically, their control would last for only a decade, when internal strife drove the race into disarray. These civil wars continue to this day.


[KT] Ascendency of Nung Fu as First Emperor of Shou Lung (-1250 DR)


[DL] The Kinslayer War (2192-2140 PC)


[FR] Spelljamming is discovered by Netheril (c.-1114 )


[FR] Orcgate Wars (-1076 to -1069 DR)


[DL] Swordsheath Scroll signed, Peace on Krynn. (2073 PC)


[FR] An illithid spelljammer is sighted in the Skyward Realms (Realmspace) by Netherese spelljammers (c1064 DR)


[DL] Qualinesti founded (2030 PC)


[FR] Netheril deserts spelljamming as too costly and expensive (c.-964 DR)


[SJ-TS] Collapse of the Al’Malamut Empire.- The Al’Malamut, which had enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence for 1400 years, was quickly decimated in a series of revolts by the member worlds. Explanations vary as to why the worlds revolted, but many historians blame the collapse on a combination of internal revolts, and the fact that by this point there was no controlling group in known space, which allowed incursions into the Al’Malamut to go unchecked. It is known that they fought a bloody war with the Illithid Psiocracy over Garlandspace, which weakened their economy to the breaking point. In short, the Al’Malamut were simply unable to deal with the constant incursions from outside, and the unrest from within. The empire basically imploded.


[FR] Rise of Narfell and Raumather (c-900 DR)


[KT] Teachings of the Path of Enlightment are blasted into the solid granite by reddish lightning during a firestorm witnessed throughout the continent. (-810 DR)


[SJ-TS] Athasspace: Emergence of the Defilers- When the Defilers, began to seize control of Athas, a few rebels took to the stars to find help. Spelljamming was at best a novelty, but it was available at the time.


[KT] The Path of Enlightenment becomes official religion of Shou Lung (-670 DR)


[PS] Dregoth, undead dragon sorcerer-king of Athas, discovers the planar gate. After a decade of research, he uses the device to travel the Outer Planes of existence for the next 15 centuries.


[SJ-TS] New Height of Illithid Influence- The rampant expansion of the Illithid Psiocracy, which brought them into conflict with the human Al’Malamut, was cut short by the arrival of a new contender, the Beholders. During the next century, the Beholders and the Illithids would continuously battle one another for control over anything that wasn’t nailed down. The Al’Malamut and the elves of Evermeet quickly sidestepped the situation and let the two races battle it out.


[PS] The Battle of Mount Deismaar on the prime world of Aebrynis slays that worlds powers, spilling thier blood across the land of Cerilia. Their prime proxies took thier place: Haelyn replaces Anduras, Erik replaces Reynir, Sera replaces Brenna, Avani replaces Basai:a, Kriesha and Belinik replace Azrai, Nesirie preplaces Masela, and Rournil replayces Vorynn (515 Masrtian Reckoning/0 Haelyn’s Count/-973 Michaeline Reckoning).


[KT] The first emperor of the Goshukara is enthroned in Wa (-417 DR)

[KT] The beginning of the Omi War between Shou Lung and Wa (-280 DR)


[FR] The fall of Netheril (-290 DR)


[DL] Fall of Ergoth (1241 PC)


[DL] Founding of the Knights of Solamnia


[FR] Candlekeep founded; calendar of Harptos begun. (c.-200 DR)


[FR] Narfell and Raumather destroyed in “The Great Conflagration” (-150 DR)


[DL] Foundation of Istar (1100-800)


[KT] Ascension of Mori, first emperor of the Kozakuran people (-73 DR)


[DL] Huma defeats Takhisis (1020-1018 PC)


[FR] Standing Stone erected (1 DR)

[FR] Empire of Shoon in Calimshan (1 DR)


[FR] Founding of Cormyr by Obarskyr family (26 DR)


[KT] Invasion of the Horse Barbarians (80 DR)


[SJ-TS] The arrival of the Neogi- a former Syllix client race, after centuries of quiet they appear as a sudden menace. Their first strike was in Realmspace, on what is now Garden. Of the 600 people living there, about 200 were killed, and another 200 taken prisoner. Few people gave the incident much thought, but within thirty years it became clear that the neogi were here to stay, and that they were an enemy.


[PS] The Revered Queen, Vlaakith CLVII ascends to the throne of the githyanki in the fortress of Tu’narath. She becomes a lich, and therefore cannot sire heirs.


[FR] Elminster is born (212 DR)


[SJ-TS] Athasspace: The closing of the sphere.- In an event that was probably for the best, some of the Defiler kings, who had seized control of portions of Athas, sealed the crystal sphere from the inside. It would appear that this was done to prevent people from escaping, including opposing Defilers.


[AQ] The Empire of Kadar is founded by the Geomancers on the Nogaro River (241 DR)


[FR] Myth Drannor founded (261 DR)

[FR] Elven and human mages devise spells needed to sail the skies in this year, and new skyships are seen in Faerun–the first such craft outside of Halruua since the fall of Netheril.(261 DR)


[GH] Beginning of Baklunish-Suloise Wars (c -485 CY)


[AQ] The Empire of Nog is founded by a rival faction of the Geomancers in the upper reaches of Nogaro River. (320 DR)


[GH] Oerid invasions beyond western mountains commence (-458)


[GW] The City of Manifest is established


[SJ-TS] Solaris: Start of the Magic Wars- Two opposing factions of the Nimar (a group of very powerful mages) on the planet of Cartania entered a state of total war, and eventually the entire sphere was pulled into the fray.


[PS] The Arcane sell the Astromundi Cluster to the tanar’ri, and begin collecting shadowstone to power the Darkgate.


[PS] Vartus Timlin, factol of the Expansionists, is Mazed by the Lady of Pain after 12 factols congreate in the Catacombs near the portal to the Dabus’ realm.