The Classical Age

-1,036 The Classical Age

This period is fairly well documented, and most of the records are reliable, at least within context, because the one in power always writes history to their advantage. Regardless, it was during this period that the stage was set for most of what we find in space today. Intelligent races spread around the galaxy like wildfire, civilizations rose and fell, and wars were fought left and right. And through it all, the mighty Spelljammer floated about like a ghost, silently watching.

[SJ-TS] Ascension of the Syllix – First instance of true spelljamming helms, called Magestars (similar to lifejammers). In 200 years hey became the dominant race in space.

-836 approx

[SJ-TS] Founding of the Syllix Emirate – Within a decade, the Emirate would be renamed the Chitin Empire, named after the Syllix homeworld, Chi’tan.


[PS] A group calling themselves the Champions of Rajaat begin the Cleansing Wars on the prime world of Athas


[SJ-TS] First Thri-Kreen space travellers using spelljamming technology of their own and not that of the Syllix.


[SJ-TS] Arrival of the Arcane- First doumented appearance of Arcane merchants in the Chitin Empire.

-486 approx

[SJ-TS] The Age of Ascensions – Syllix “client races” become introduced to spelljamming and rise in stature. The Thri-Kreen, who controlled about ten percent of the empire in their own right, eventually followed suit.


[FR] Seven fishing villages form the organisation of Netheril.(-3809 DR)


[SJ-TS] The Founding of Evermeet


[SJ-TS] Formation of the Tears of Selune out of nowhere.


[PS] Fell, a dabus, becomes a priest of Aoskar. The Lady of Pain destroys the church of Aoskar (Power of Portals, God of Doors, Keeper of Gateways) and his head priest Imendor, resulting the the closing of the portals that will become known as the Four Doors. Chronepsis, Draconic god of death, fate, and judgement, imprisons his proxy black dragon Argathorn on Thuldanin, in Acheron.


[SJ-TS] Zenith of the Chitin Empire- full control over 20 spheres, and partial control of another six, had 25 space faring races to its credit, as well as over 100 ground based races and a total population that numbered in the trillions. The Chitin Empire, which by now had existed for over a millennia, would enjoy about two centuries of prosperity.


[SJ-TS] The Screaming Migration- The Thri-Kreen declared themselves a sovereign nation. This initially affected three spheres, and eventually spread to another six most of the client races native to the affected spheres sided with the Thri-Kreen, and in the end the Syllix were forced to grant the Thri-Kreen their independence. This combination of internal strife and external conflicts completely destroyed the Chitin Empire, the largest political entity in recorded history aside from The Illithid Continuum.

1,036 to 1,236

[SJ-TS] Crusade of the Celestial Mantis- The wars and missionary actions had mixed results, but in the end the Thri-Kreen gave up their attempt to conquer the universe by means of religious zeal. They turned instead to teaching and commercial endeavors. With or without the Crusade, the Thri-Kreen maintained their dominance of space for several centuries much as the IEN does toady.


[SJ-TS] The Height of the Oortlings- The Oortlings lived on comets in Realmspace, and were known for having a sophisticated, artistic culture. They were small humanoids, perhaps related to halflings, who dabbled in spelljamming. They are known to have explored most of Realmspace, as well as parts of Greyspace and SpiralSpace. Evidence of their explorations have even been found in Solaris and Terraspace.


[DL] Following the elvish victory in the First Dragon War the Kingdom of Silvanestri is formed. (4000 PC)


[PS] The orchish god Gruumish slays the Mulhorand deity Re.


[SJ-TS] Civilizations in the Known Spheres- By this time, there were thriving human, demi-human, and humanoid civilizations in several of the former spheres of the Chitin Empire, and in the current Thri-Kreen Empire. Examples included Greyspace, Realmspace, Krynnspace, Greatspace, Solaris, Omnispace, and many others.


[SJ-TS] The Al’Malamut Empire- A Ptahian theocracy that became the first human nation to actively undertake spelljamming. Over a period of 100 years, they quickly conquered four spheres, including one under the Thri-Kreen. The empire would hold for a surprisingly long time, almost 1400 years. Humans have been in space, in some number, ever since the Al’Malamut wars of conquest.


[FR] Peak of Netherese civilization (-1846 DR)


[DL] The dwarven Kingdom of Kal-Thax is closed to outsiders (2800 PC)

1,958 to 2,034

[SJ-TS] The Great Illithid Wars- The unprovoked attacks on Thri-Kreen settlements by The Illithid Psiocracy (an offshoot of the original Illithid Continuum based in Falxspace) began a seventy five year series of wars. In -2034 they destroyed Ji-Trinan, the Thri-Kreen capital world. The entire planet was pulled into a permanent portal to the Negative Material Plane, sometimes called a Black Hole. The last enclaves of the Thri-Kreen empire vanished within the year, ending with the destruction of the Thri-Kreen homeworld, Sri-Knna. The planet was transformed into a lifeless rock by the Illithids. To this day it is nearly uninhabitable.